Cloud savegame compatibility (Win&Linux)

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Cloud savegame compatibility (Win&Linux)

Postby victorfrankl » Sun Aug 05, 2018 3:19 pm

After being pummeled verbally for 3 decades, the U.S. Golf Association has bounced off the ropes with a flurry into Ely Callaway and his nonconforming ERC II driver. The blows obtained where targeted --under the belt. best golf laser rangefinder for the money
Dozens created with the ERC II have been stated by the USGA along with other super-springy drivers might not be made in for handicapping purposes. Afterwards, the USGA confirmed its position. Then, just to be sure nobody missed the point, the USGA sent an all-points bulletin conveying the message .

Considering that the 4.5 million players with USGA handicaps would be the game's most susceptible buyers, a move removing them in the realm of respectability could influence Callaway's bottom line. Basically, what the USGA is saying is,"Come on, big guy, you talk a lot; let us see you sue us"

The disputants say there is nothing private in their quarrel. Ha! It is all personal. They really and truly dislike each other. Callaway labels the USGA . He is regarded by the USGA as one whose sole connection with golfing would be to extort money out of it.

The USGA covers up by not publicly besmirching Callaway or his spokesperson, the revered Arnold Palmer, whose concept is that golf needs at least two sets of principles: one for those who compete at some nebulous level, and a single for"recreational" golf.

The USGA finds the concept of split rules contemptible. Asked if they realize slamming the door might impact sales of the ERC II driver, USGA people purr saying they have only responded to floods of queries.

The choice is consistent with other people at odds although holding with nonconforming gear, that you can not make a disability but the USGA wishes it never issued. The mistake, promulgated in 1994, says it is OK to return scores when the golfer uses an example of a bureaucratic screw-up, a range finder for handicapping. It slipped out if the USGA handicap people weren't talking to the USGA rules people.

The USGA insistence on an immediate connection between the playing rules and handicapping is flawed. The rules are always exact --e.g., it is possible to find case law proving that a dead property crab at a bunker is a loose impediment as opposed to an obstruction, meaning the deceased can not be moved without penalty. But an approximation of current playing ability can be more than handicapping, enabling golfers of skills to compete.

The USGA Handicap System is a victory of abilities, not math. It's accepted everywhere due to compromises made long back to ameliorate guys in outbacks like Chicago and California who thought there could be only one process of handicapping--theirs.

While there's a type of logic in banning scores made with gear outside the principles, that logic pales in the face of tolerances built into the machine for game play when holes are usually not finished because of concessions or, in four-ball play, as soon as a partner simply picks up. Other examples of under-counting allow carrying a mulligan that is first-tee or recording internet pars on a round started but not finished because of weather.

The machine says when winter principles are performed scores should be submitted. Anyone who thinks a driver that might or might not yield a few yards will impact scoring more than picking up the ball and placing it's deranged.

We have the King, Arnold The Credible that his daughter may cut 10 strokes.

Dean Knuth told me that in driving space to pick up one stroke, the average woman golfer would need to gain 120 yards per round. Arnold seems to state that his daughter has discovered 1,200 yards, or 85 yards per drive. Who would not want to pay more and $500 for a miracle?

This battle won't drag on forever. In a couple of years, or not, the ERC II could be employed. If this is so, the American golfer rejected or could have ignored the USGA.

The other outcome is the ERC II and its brethren will make their manufacturers a couple of bucks then float off to the netherland of golfing where live other panaceas of yesteryear.

Frank Hannigan, a Contributing Editor to Golf Digest, was the executive director of the U.S. Golf Association from 1983-'89.
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Re: Cloud savegame compatibility (Win&Linux)

Postby isla » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:47 pm

Given the save file location differences I'm afraid this isn't possible for the time being.
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Re: Cloud savegame compatibility (Win&Linux)

Postby 4n4 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:53 pm

You can run the windows version of the game in linux, using wine. Not that it makes a lot of sense to do so, but it works.

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