FTL Virus [Lore/Joke Story]

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FTL Virus [Lore/Joke Story]

Postby ThePersonFromSteam » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:56 am

in 2088 a virus outbreak happens in sector 5 with a normal citizen planet until, one day the virus broke out; corpses began to stand up. Some people were happy to see their dead ones until they tear off all of their skin and hair with any means possible; scientists locked the subjects up before they tear off all their skin. November 25th 2088, other outposts describing the subjects are weaker when they were alive and reject any source of food and liquid except for milk; one strong subject broke out and freed the others tears off their skin and the scientists killing the non-infected almost instantly. After the Freeday (A Black friday in space) Some living people started to feel sick they went to the stations doctor and the doc found nothing wrong until suddenly they sick died almost 2 hours before they contracted the virus and 2 hours later came back just to start tearing off skin. The infected started to die off and the scientists think to end the virus is to lock everybody up in containment chambers but then when they thought it could be it and would eradicate the virus just like the giant war on cancer except instead of 50 years its gonna be more like 50 days; some of the infected with all of their skin off drank all of the milk and went on a rampage killing all of the stations crew tearing threw them like mantis home-world except they cant be reasoned.
One day a engi medi-army sent accidentally by the infected crew went and hail the stations and they're no response just a rattle noise on the speakers, the engi crew went on each station and found a virus on them named XUIL_780932 that kills the host and reanimate it to tear off their skin and drink milk to stay alive forever. The virus only spread in infected milk dated past 2 years ago; the cure was -2 Celsius temperature the virus weakness. In the end the engis had to destroy the whole entire station to destroy the virus forever and transmit the virus cause to the hub of all info.

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