My first no shield ship!

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My first no shield ship!

Postby tempthomas » Wed May 21, 2014 11:57 am

I have my first no shields ship!
Stealth A. I kept seeing shields but then I would see other things I'd rather have. A pre igniter in sector 2. A burst mk ii in 3 or 4 (sold mini beam). Then picked up a drone control. Man I never told you how much I hate mind control. Mostly Lanius ships! So anyway I grabbed hacking to hack shields or weapons in rare cases. Had to sell my def drone and system casing. And finally I JUST bought mind control, auto reloader and a crappy heavy ion.

I've never used the drone control even once this round. Now It's my second jump into sector 6 and in total have
11 reactor power bars
Level 5 to weapons, 4 to engines, 2 to oxygen, 1 to medbay, 2 for drone control, 2 in cloaking, 2 in hacking and 1 in mind control.
Long range scanners, useful for looking for fights or avoiding if my weapons are too weak
Weapon Pre Igniter
Automated Reloader
Weapons: dual laser, burst mk ii, heavy ion
I may regret not having shields at the boss but I don't care
I have three crew. the weapons guy (original human from the start!) is fully trained. a rockman replaced the old engine guy who chose the red wire. The two guys excluding weapons are not leveled up at all.

Sector 7 is a mystery green sector. I'm a rebel controlled sector right now on normal. Also, I'm not exactly rich (67 scrap) and at 50% hull because I forgot to turn on my new weapon the second jump, and I have zero drones.
what should I buy next? Reactor, or new weapon?
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Re: My first no shield ship!

Postby spacecadet13 » Wed May 21, 2014 11:36 pm

Sell the pre-ignitor - with that weapon loadout it's gonna do nothing (or next to it) for you against the boss or anything with 4 shields and some evade. Take the 60 scrap and upgrade something (engines especially), buy another autoloader if you get the chance.

Without a D drone and a couple of shields the boss will almost certainly spank you good, but hey, FTL is not just about winning, sometimes the most fun runs are trying something different/difficult and seeing how far you can get, and you've done well so far. Good luck!
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Re: My first no shield ship!

Postby tempthomas » Thu May 22, 2014 5:00 am

I have died! To a puny engi ship using burst one and ion stunner. I had defense scrambler coupled with burst ii, hacking ii, fire drone, brach missiles ( Pegasus in the cargo. )
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Re: My first no shield ship!

Postby alison3492 » Sun Oct 19, 2014 8:50 pm

Anyone finished yet?
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