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What about more subsystems?

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 4:35 pm
by Jerjare
AE has added a lot of fun stuff, but in a way it just has me wanting more. Here's some ideas:

Hardpoints: Right now there is a limit to how many systems your ship can support. Some start with more than others, and it would be helpful if in the Hangar it indicated the hardpoints the ship could support.

Bulkheads: You know those systemless rooms that don't do anything and only serve to let you suffer 2x damage against anti hull weapons? It would be nice if you could upgrade it to a bulkhead. Bulkheads are simply reinforced parts of a ship. Shops would sell them for 50 scrap. When suffering a hit, a bulkhead has a 10% chance to ignore both system and hull damage. Bulkheads reduce the chance of fires and breaches in the room by 50%.Anti hull weapons don't get bonus damage against bulkheads normally. The bulkhead room "system" can be damaged in which case it functions as a systemless room.

Security: This replaces door control. Icon is a triangle with an exclamation mark inside it. Security automatically affects rooms with various affects, but can only affect one room at a time. As you upgrade it, you get additional abilities, but can only use 1 at a time. Manning security lets you control the affected room with what ability. It also increases the duration of the effect. Once security is used, it is on a 10 second cooldown:
Level 1: Can seal all doors of room with blast doors for 10 secs (door icon)
Level 2: Can fire sentry guns in room, damaging and slowing enemies. (Gun icon)
Level 3: Fills room with nanites which slowly extinguishes fires, seals breaches, breaks mind control, prevents teleportation, bombs, or boarding drones from targeting that room. (Cloud icon)

Re: What about more subsystems?

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 4:54 pm
by Jerjare
Life support: this replaces your 02 system. The life support is specific to a certain species but not limited by your ship type. It is effectively 2x more effective than 02 for that species. Example: Engi life support reduces Engi suffocation rates but speeds up suffocation rates of all other species. All nom human or lanius races get them and they are randomly sold in shops. You also get some events where some "well meaning" slugs or zoltan switch your 02 to slug/zoltan Life support somewhat screwing you over if you have a mostly human crew. Enemy ships are much more likely to have life support for their race vs just O2, making it tougher to board or suffocate them.

Drone Piloting/Tactican navigation: These replace the Helm. Drone piloting allows piloting to work fully along with FTL without needing to be manned, but has major penalties to evasion. Upgrading it boosts the evasion (but even at level 3 it will not have the evasion of manned level 3 helm.) Manning it only boosts FTL charge; piloting skill speeds this up. Tactical navigation gives you a boosted base evasion, and each upgrade gives you a bit more boost. However, there is NO autopilot whatsoever, FTL charges 50% as fast as default helm, and the charge meter resets if the station is unmanned, hacked, or destroyed.

Re: What about more subsystems?

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 6:57 pm
by obliviondoll
I'm not sure how you can plausibly explain a racial life support system that provides oxygen for one race without helping the others to breathe at the same time.

Something I WOULD like to see is a support subsystem for your oxygen room which allows you to vent individual rooms directly without needing to empty half your ship to do it. Some ships lack doors, and some have them placed very inconveniently for trying to control boarders. Having a system which allows you to designate individual rooms to vent would be nice. Then again, it would make more sense to have that as a function available to a manned O2 room, and wouldn't require additional subsystems to do the same job.

Re: What about more subsystems?

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 11:21 pm
by tempthomas
i do not think more subsystems would add more value to this game. now that ive played this game for over a week, i know id rather have more game using the systems already in place. this feeling does apply to advanced edition too.