Can you beat this game???

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Can you beat this game???

Postby gameassassin1020 » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:51 am

I swear this is the second time ive gotten to the boss and some how I cant stop him.
The first time I used the engi ship and had 2 ion guns(Not going into specifics) and a laser of some sort. Beat him down to the second phase. Oh wait a minute he's 1 away from the base and the repair is 2 away -.- Guess ill go in as hard as I can. Fine I go in guns blazing. But look he has LIKE 90 DRONES instant death because i have no hull fires every where and the flag ship has no guns teleported some guys in a while back.

2nd try
Rock ship this time got 2 ions a laser gun and a laser ray. 7 people. max shields. max sub systems. max engines. max weapons. rock armour. and ftl jammer.....Come at me bro

Still got my ass kicked. Know why? My ion missed his shields (???) And he cloaked! comes back with 1 shield but its not up. Last chance my ion misses AGAIN! his shields go all the way back up to 4. and now his missiles wrecking havoc and my ions(BOTH!) can get through combined with my 2 lasers. FML
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Re: Can you beat this game???

Postby jambonessy » Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:02 am

with the right build the boss is a walkover. I've done stages of the boss without taking damage, it's all about getting lucky enough to collect a certain build of items before you get to him.

I recommend always having cloaking, it's ridiculous. Last time I finished the game I had 2 burst laser I, 1 burst laser II, 1 hull laser I.

First thing I did was shoot at his shields, this immediately pierced his shields, destroyed the room and set it on fire. Next thing was just taking out the missiles.

Time cloak for his missile volley obviously. There are many other viable combinations, you just have to get lucky enough on the way. (like ion weapons and a strong beam, or defense drones and mantis crew members with the teleporter).
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Re: Can you beat this game???

Postby ShadowDragon8685 » Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:03 am

It is possible. I haven't done it without cheating, but better/luckier players have done it.

It sounds like you had a good run-through resource-wise the second time, though, so cheating wouldn't have done much for you.

The final boss is very much a gear-check. If you're not geared for him, you're getting bent over and painfully violated up the tailpipe no matter how good you are.

If you're having trouble, try Giving yourself a boost. It also helps if you download the mod that disables the rebel fleet, so you can take your time and scour every beacon for loot. Either/or, or maybe both, and you should be able to arrive with something capable of doing the job.

Though I do kind of wish that the entry beacon in The Last Stand was guaranteed to be a Store that sold weapons.
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Re: Can you beat this game???

Postby Yamboo » Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:32 am

I killed the boss once in 20 hours gaming. But too many things in this game rely on coincidence and you can be killed right in the first sector if the game just wants to. This game really makes me angry. Have to stop playing it before sonething stupid happens.
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Re: Can you beat this game???

Postby NoPantsBaby » Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:36 am

It's actually insultingly easy to beat the game.

Though whilst I said that. I have only managed once.

But the one time I did the boss was a giant bitch. Seriously the boss has MASSIVE exploits with ion weaponry, teleporters and cloaking.

If you manage to get enough scrap for a cloak, a tele and a drone bay the boss is fucked up the ass. 2 mantis also help with the boarding.

Basically here is the first weapon you destroy. The enemy Ion cannon. Second Weapon. The enemy rocket launcher. After that it's basically just pick and choose.

Second round. Target drone bay. Re-destroy the .. somehow.. repaired rocket launcher and other weapons you want.

Third round. Put the dying beast out of it's misery.

The key to defeating the boss is really just the teleporter. It is your best weapon against it's weapons. You teleport 4 crew members into different spots and bam all weapons are offline for the entire fight.
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Re: Can you beat this game???

Postby Eyjio » Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:05 am

I beat it on Easy, still trying for Normal. The Torus makes the game almost insultingly easy sometimes - 2 ions and 2 anti-ship drones will wreck face and, because they fire so fast, you end up with a max level gunner by the end of sector 1. All you need then is level 2 cloak (for power surges), level 4 engines (for 100% evade when cloaked), level 3/4 shields and a way to damage their crew/weapons (I find fire/breaching bombs best for this). The ions will constantly take down their shields, the bombs should be used to snipe guns, then kill crew at the end of the first part of the boss and the drones will just go to town. As you don't need to ever use bombs on things with 3 shields or worse (so, everything buit the boss then), you can just sit back, target an ion at their shields, an ion at their weapons and let the drones pick them apart - no effort required. That allows you to literally stockpile missiles - I faced the boss with 50. Of course, the reason this ever fails is because you NEED the extra drone and ion but that's no different to most runs.
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Re: Can you beat this game???

Postby DasRav » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:01 pm

I bought the game last night and beat the boss on my 5th try, using the Kestrel. I did abort about 3 times early on thou, when I was dumb and lost crew to dumb moves (board enemy ship then proceed to kill it with lasers and the like).

I reached the boss on my 2nd try but died to him, so I sort of knew what to expect. The boss has a few exploitable weak points, but you need to have specific gear in order to take advantage of them.
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Re: Can you beat this game???

Postby Bushman » Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:27 pm

I bet I could play 10 games in a row on easy and kill the boss 9 of those times.

After you play a while you start to understand what works and what doesn't and sooner or later the game becomes a breeze.

Some hints:

Hit EVERY node possible in every sector, you should be exiting with the rebel fleet right behind you. If you leave early, you just threw away some easy fights and easy scrap.

Conserve your scrap for store runs. This is hard to do, but be disiplined, make sure you come to a store with the most money possible.

Conserve your missiles and drones. If possible, get a drone recovery arm, totally awesome.

If you can get a good boarding party build, go for it. Rockmen and fire weapons are killer. You get more scrap from killing a ships crew than you do from killing a ship.

Scrap recovery arms are great, but they only pay for themselves if you get them early on. If you get the chance, replace them with something better just before you get to the last level.

The boss is easy to defeat if you pull a few tricks. First off, kill the crew in the missile and laser rooms. Should be easy to do since they are alone and isolated. Once they are dead and those rooms are damaged, the ship is pretty much neutered.
If you can, kill off all the other crewman. Dead crew stay dead even after the ship jumps away. If you kill them all the ship will autorepair, but very slowly.
Make sure you have at least one defense drone. This will help you deal with all those pesky missiles and more importantly those horrible boarding drones in part 2.

cloaking helps quite a bit. When you see the missile launcher fire, cloak. Same for the super weapon going off.

Repair drones rock, basically keep them unequipped, but after the battle fire them up and repair.

Missile weapons are good, but bombs are even better in my opinion. Breech and fire are great, especially fire once the crew are dead.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Can you beat this game???

Postby curithwin » Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:09 pm

I've done it after 6 failed attempts at the boss.

Look at this thread for how I did it.


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