Most overpowered run I've had, I think

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Most overpowered run I've had, I think

Postby throwscats » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:41 am

This tops all my others so far. For some reason, I've never won with Engi type A--no idea why, since I always liked that ship. Well, the game offered me a halberd beam right in the first sector. I immediately did what I always do: I started asking the game for things I would like/started talking to myself about ideal finds. I said, "okay, now maybe a burst laser II would be nice, because halberd and ion blast II each take three power and burst takes two." So the game gave me one for free in the next sector.

That's awesome, right? Weapons all set to go for the rest of the run almost immediately, but it gets weird now. I look in a shop and find the overcharge shield drone, which I haven't used, yet, and I thought it might be fun to experiment with. I buy it and tell the game that a zoltan shield augment would be cool to have--and I get that the next sector after that from the quest. A cool thing about overcharge is that it replenishes your already on zoltan shield as it gets hit, which makes sense.

I didn't even use the overcharge at the end of the game, though, because the game handed me three combat 1 drones and a drone recovery arm. Long story short, my final setup: Halberd beam, burst laser mk. II, ion blast II, combat drone 1 x 3 with drone recovery, zoltan shield augment, cloaking, maxed hacking, full backup battery, numerous free engine upgrades from combat rewards, and of course free shields.

Needless to say, the flagship melted almost immediately. Hacking on shields plus three combat drones plus burst laser and ion blast means shields practically don't exist on enemy ships, anymore. Even without a shield hack, I killed it so fast in phase two that it actually didn't even have time to do it's drone swarm. Had to share. If you have an overpowered run you want to share, please do, I'd be glad to read it.
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Re: Most overpowered run I've had, I think

Postby PrinceStolos » Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:55 am

A pair of Burst Laser Mk.2's, a Burst Laser Mk.1, Weapon Pre-Igniter, and an Automated Reloader, on the Kestrel in pre-AE. The Flagship gave me a bit of trouble, but otherwise I could mow down most enemies with minimum damage on my part.
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Re: Most overpowered run I've had, I think

Postby Levgre » Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:06 pm

Just broke my record for my most OP ship.

Here's some pics, first 2 are pre-flagship, 3rd one is after 2 flagship stages (0 damage). I think it took 3 bursts, winning a bit after the first artillery shot at 20 seconds. I took about 7 dmg on the 3rd stage, those zoltan shields slowed things down (also mind control + boarding hurt the dodge rate). 4th pic is the stats for the session.

Fed A
Burst Laser II x3, Flak I x1

Automated Reloader
Shield Charge Booster

8 in shield
4 in engine
2 in medbay
2 in oxygen
3 in cloaking
4 in artillery
8 in weapons
2 in drones (defense drone)
2 in piloting
3 in sensors
2 in doors

2 humans
2 rockmen
2 engi
1 mantis
1 zoltan

The run was pretty typical, overall. I just found all the best pieces. Slow start, to be expected with Fed A. Bought a smart bomb in sector 3 because i had no other weapons beyond the starting burst II going into sector 4. In S4 I bought the pre-igniter, in S5 I bought the 2nd Burst II. In S6 I bought the Flak I and sold the smart bomb, and then I'm gifted the 3rd burst II from an event. Everything was a pushover after that, I took almost no damage until flagship stage 3. Got gifted the shield booster in one of the later sectors.
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Re: Most overpowered run I've had, I think

Postby Samsunaattori » Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:04 pm

Mine wasn't a really overpowered run from the start, more of an overpowered endgame. I used engi b (lol), and for weapons I had burst mk 3 and glaive beam, which wrecked any ship I came across. On top of it I had weapon pre-ignitor and cloack 3. I just lol'd really hard when I saw flagship's hull drop to under 1/4 after first burst + beam combo :D and that's how I got my first ever victory in ftl :)
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Re: Most overpowered run I've had, I think

Postby Iranon » Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:24 am

I just had something rather ridiculous:
Federation C, got 2 Scrap Recovery Arms in Sector 1. Kept them until the end because there were no worthwhile augments in shops. I had almost fully upgraded systems by the end, I think I was missing a bar in Drones.

Chain Laser, Burst Laser II, Glaive Beam, Firebomb
Preigniter, Scrap Recovery Arm, Scrap Recovery Arm
Defense Drone 1, Beam Drone 2

I shot down 2 Elite Fighters in sector 7 (annoying sector layout) without taking damage, being faster than a speeding Anti-Ship-Beam by now. Purposely hopped into a store to see if useful combat augmentations were available, blew up another Elite Fighter before proeceding to the Last Stand.
Played it slow against phase 1 of the Flagship (had a spare Firebomb lying around, after all) even though that didn't really make any difference. Phase 2 died before unleashing its super-drones. Phase 3 died before its shot spam reached my ship, almost blew up my men who didn't even get to wreck a system.

The firepower was disgusting: 5 shots + Glaive off a Pre-igniter with a Beam Drone 2 to clean up if the shields were destroyed. If the fight wasn't over by the time the 4-bar Flak Artillery charged, 12 shots + Glaive - nothing survived that.
When I wasn't holding back for boarding, that is.
I'd normally prefer a cloak, but went for Drones because I couldn't resist 15 bars worth of efficient firepower.
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Re: Most overpowered run I've had, I think

Postby keptick » Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:27 pm

I know that I've had better but I still completely wiped the floor with everything. I was playing on the vannila unupdated version, but I just noticed the update :D (time to have fun)

Ship: T2 crystal cruiser (yes, I obtained it legitimately after a VERY long time of searching for all those damn objectives)

1 rock
1 zoltan
2 mantis
3 crystal
1 engi

Weapons (which I barely used):
1 halberd beam
1 heavy laser
1 healing bomb
1 hull missile

1 hull repair drone (I actually optained 2 during the run lololol)
1 system repair drone

1 crystal vengence
1 weapon auto-loader (or whatever it's called, gives 15% faster recharge)
1 drone recuperation arm.

Systems: all maxed out, apart from drones and weapons which I didn't need. I had to do some power diverging but it was manageable, especially with the zoltan.

So basically, my boarding crew mauled absolutely everything. If by any chance some ship damaged me, the drones would repair everything. As for the final boss, I think that I took a total of 7 damage during all 3 stages combined. Basically, with engines maxed (and crew too) I evaded mostly everything and dodged the missiles/specials with the cloak. Boarding with the crystal ship makes things really easy tbh because of the crystal crew power.

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