What do you wish was in FTL?

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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby Joshcool546 » Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:07 pm

What i would love to see added to the game would be:
1.Changing Sides: When you find the right event you can unlock rebel or pirate mode which you can switch between in the hangar, Each faction has its own unlock-able ships.
2.Ally ships: Like you can control your ship and do whatever you feel like with it, You can sometimes get pinned by an enemy sending a single boarding party to your ship and you quickly have to change people around to deal with it and while that is a great part to the game, it does slow it down.If you could get another ship what you could control at the same time, you could keep trying to stop the enemy destroying your primary ship(Main one). This would also be a good use for teleporters if you don't play in that kind of way, You could upgrade their weapons and shields too but the scrap between the ships are split and once the ship is destroyed, it can either be destroyed for good or maybe have to be repaired with tons of scrap while its just operational enough to jump with you.
3.More systems: I don't know what these could be but I'm sure everyone will agree that more systems would be awesome.
4. Multiplayer: I know many people have said this can't work just because battles are random and such, But this is coming off the Ally ships idea. You can see their ship and teleport to it to help them out, But you can't change their power, Interact with their crew, or aim their weapons. you have the same battle and scrap is split for both ships instead of shared.
5.More races: We all want it.
6: After you complete the game you unlock free mode, Where there isn't any rebels chasing you and the star map keeps generating randomly, the player can also use the first beacons of a sector to go back to the last sector.
7.Maybe a new weapon type?: We all know about the 4 we have (Ion,Missile,Laser,beam,Not including crystal Spoilers) but maybe another weapon type could be really interesting and change game-play up quite a bit...
8.More tales of wonder: We all know and love the rebel story with a ship being chased by a fleet carrying information, But as addictive as the game is, I want more to it :P so people could come up with ideas for interesting storys and they could get a story line and added into this amazing game so its longer for everyone.

I thank you for reading though this stupidly long list of what i want added to the game :D
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby Fadedsun » Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:27 am

One thing I was thinking was changing how Defense Drones take out missiles. A Defense Drone I can always take out a missile or a boarding drone. This is good on the players end when the enemy is shooting Hermes or Pegasus missiles at you, but what about the other way around? It's no good to have your missile shot down and essentially wasted by a Defense Drone. What if a Defense Drone I could only minimize damage from higher level missiles? For example, I believe the Hermes Missile does 4 damage; a Defense Drone I would only halve that damage (leaving you or the enemy taking 2 damage) instead of negating the missile entirely. So, a Defense Drone I could only take out missiles of 2 damage or lower. Defense II drones could take out missiles stronger than that, as well as laser shots.

An earlier post I made was about including more hazards such as black holes, but what about gamma ray bursts as well? A successful gamma ray hit could knock out 2 shield points.
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby Dirka » Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:14 pm

Buying better ships DURING your run:

You start out with a weak ship - only 3-5 rooms, basic guns, shields etc. Different starting ships for different races, e.g. engi has only 2 drones & shields, mantis has teleport and medbay but no guns, etc.

After a couple of sectors you start getting events where you can switch ships, either at regular shipyards or through events / quests. One possibility would be something like a mini-boss fight, comparable to the unlock-fights - you fight a special, powerful ship until the crew is dead / the captain offers his ship in exchange for his life. Different options could be offered for the different races:

1. Due to their bad reputations, Mantis cannot buy from ship dealers, but get better odds for taking over enemy
2. Slugs cannot get ships through boarding, since the crew would rather blow up their ship than have it fall into their slimy hands. Instead, they have a hacking module that slowly takes over the enemy ship. The charge-time can be reduced through upgrades.
3. Since Engi aren't fighters, they get worse odds for taking over enemy ships. However, they get better odds for salvaging scraps and equipment, meaning they can afford new ships more easily.

These are just off the top of my head, surely there are more possibilities...

This would serve to extend the game quite a bit, and keep it interesting, since you don't just keep upgrading one ship. It would also force you to decide whether to swith to a slightly better ship now and max out the upgrades with it, or whether to hang on to your little old beater and wait until you can afford a fearsome dreadnought. Furthermore, this would also allow for a wider range of ship types, such as relatively fragile speedsters vs. slow juggernauts w/ loads of hull that just tank everything.

I think this concept would mesh neatly with other ideas presented here, from extended quests and missions to more detailed crew profiles / actions, to more diverse weapons/dronses/systems, and even more/different races.

Here's hoping for FTL 2 ;)
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby Ora_unit_SR388 » Tue Apr 16, 2013 2:58 pm

Better modding support.
-scroll for more ships
-easier weapon coding
-better event handling
-??event detectors (maybe)??
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby 966socho » Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:48 am

The three augments that negate different types of damage, namely Rock Plating, Titanium System Casing and Reverse Ion Field, should calculate the negation separately for every point of damage. I'm okay with taking damage, but not when you sort of depend on the augment to prevent that Ion Bomb from completely taking out your shield and subsequently getting blasted out of Space. It would actually make the measly 15% mean something.

For example, for a Hull Missile aimed at a systemless room:

2 hull damage x 2 = 4 hull damage
with Rock Plating, which has a 15% chance of negating damage

Code: Select all

    (85%)^4           = 52.2% chance of 4 damage
4 * (85%)^3 * (15%)   = 36.8% chance of 3 damage
6 * (85%)^2 * (15%)^2 =  9.8% chance of 2 damage
4 * (85%)   * (15%)^3 =  1.1% chance of 1 damage
              (15%)^4 =  0.05% chance of 0 damage

As you can see, the damage it would help you avoid against those dreaded multiple-damage per shot weapons is clearly visible, yet not entirely overpowered. A nearly 48% chance to avoid full damage might be too much after Level 4 or 5 Engines, so maybe 10% negation rate will do (~65% chance of doing the full 4 damage in the example).
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby 5thHorseman » Fri Apr 19, 2013 2:54 am

I want a delay between the enemy ship losing its last hull and exploding. Just, say, 2 seconds. And an alert or noise that makes it obvious.

So I can pull my away team back after they take out that final system. Poor guys.
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby digimondude » Wed May 15, 2013 7:29 pm

I wish there was some way to turn off the enemy medbay easily, like some form of piercing Ion weapon, maybe?
Also, I really wish for a more varied final boss battle. The game is about adapting to situations, and the boss as of now doesn't allow that. You can only beat it by using very strict tactics and strategies that take lots of planning ahead.
Oh, and a self-destruct button for boarding drones. :twisted:
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby MalcB » Thu May 16, 2013 1:05 pm

Medbays shouldn't work if boarders are in them (either on your ship or the enemy). Also if boarders are in a manned station, the bonus given by the crewmember manning the station is lost until the boarders are eliminated.
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby Larz » Thu May 16, 2013 2:23 pm

A walk-through that explains the inexplicable. i.e.: How do I save a game? How can I repair a damaged hull? A better response to attempts at searching for answers.

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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby 966socho » Thu May 16, 2013 6:53 pm

I know what you meant, but inexplicable means it can't be explained, NOT that it wasn't.

So you want the FTL tutorial to explain the mysteries of the universe? :lol: Sounds like the start of a new religion.

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