What do you wish was in FTL?

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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby BKT » Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:44 am

Agg Shell wrote:one thing i forgot! the ability to buy airlocks!!! maybe, ~60 scrap to put an airlock wherever you want? that would be bawss

Use Breach bomb to put holes on every square in any of the system-less room in your ship; improvised Airlock! :D

Just don't forget to manually lock the door of that room whenever you want to use the 'open all door' button. ;)
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby DauntlessK » Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:28 pm

New game modes.

1) Free Trader Mode – Start as a small trading frigate and work your way up in ranks for whatever factions you like, earning money to upgrade your current ship or buy a new, better, bigger one. Scores would be easily ranked much like the original game mode.

2) Conquest Mode - Features a large sector map, with each star in it controlled by the various factions. The map will be ever-changing, and you will help your selected faction win over the entire sector by beating the others. Various stars will provide bonuses (like extra scrap, free repair facility, store, etc) This will create a really tactical game as controlling some stars that are strategically important and holding them will win or lose you the game. This possibly could extend to controlling the entire faction's fleet (sending them to guard other stars, etc)

3) Last Stand Mode - Always love this game mode, whether firefight in halo, horde in GOW, etc. Its always fun and challenging. Pretty self explanatory. Waves of ships try to kill you. You are limited to repairs every few rounds and you get access to full store every 5th round.

Someone else mentioned multi-ship battles. A definite yes! Building your own small flotilla would be just as cool as squaring off against multiple ships too.
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby Mogelijk » Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:00 pm

Hey guys.

That would be nice to have the option for putting military ranks on crew members. Cause, putting Cpt, Srg or Ltn in the names doesn't let mcuch space for the name itself.

Something like :

Cpt Johnson (Captain)
Srg Eagle (Sergent)
Ltn Sabrovitch (Lieutenent)
Mjr Carter (Major)

That would be really nice.

I'm juste talking about the visual, not any gameplay changes.

Edit : Also possible :

Doc Jackson or Dr Gero (for the techs for example)
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby Habalabam » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:04 pm

I would like new crewmembers to have random skill sets. I don't understand why they all start with zero experience and zero skills. It would feel more as if you picked up real individuals.

I would like to rearrange the crew members list by dragging, just like you can arrange the order of the weapons. This would allow me to put the pilot on F1, shield tech guy on F2 etc. They are sometimes a little cumbersome to position correctly. Alternatively, you could allow me to "save" a configuration, so that I could get all people to their respective optimum positions with just one button.

I would like a working boarding drone to be recycled if the whole enemy ship crew is dead.
When I use a boarding drone/party and whole enemy vessel is completely disabled (all systems are red), then I would like the boarders to start attackig the vessel itself.
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby Agg Shell » Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:15 am

I'd also love a new class

the Magma Golems
"The Magma Golems are a fearless race that might enjoy burning a bit too much."
Fire immunity
Sets fire to enemys while boarding to do extra damage
Much extra suffocation damage
Enemys can use fire extinguishers to do extra damage
can put out fires instantly
slowly regens health in fire (.2 health per tile on fire in room)

that would be boss
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby Habalabam » Sat Feb 23, 2013 6:25 am

Multiship battles would be very cool. It could be implemented with one left stack of ships fighting the right stack of ships (just like a single left ship is fighting a single right ship today).

Two existing scenarios that would play out much better than today are:
* Station attacks with multiple light unmanned vessels defending. The station may not have weapons, but the control room for the unmanned defense could be there, so you could either fight the unmanned vessels or attempt boarding the station.

Defending some vessel against pirates or rebels:
* You could fight the enemy while helping your ally fix systems, fight fires, repel boarders, heal its crew etc

In addition, you could keep vessels that you have control over. Maybe a max limit of three vessels in your fleet. You could finish the game even though your original vessel was destroyed along the way.

Distress beacons could be fights in progress.
You could activate your distress beacon while fighting in friendly sector and hope for reinforcements, or destroy your opponents comms in a hostile sector to prevent the same.

I believe massive amounts of additional gameplay could be had on basically the same game engine if this was implemented.

The two stacks of ships could also conceivably be four stacks (still only two sides facing off), so that damaged vessel could "pull back" from the front while repairing. I haven't thought this last one out, but it would be cool if the solution allowed for some strategic movement, so that you could bravely "shield" the ship you're trying to protect or choose to "get back in the fight" even before your system is fully repaired.
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby greetingsfromoslo » Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:24 pm

A lot of things have been said already, but I would like to see a campaign for each race to give us their lore. Unlocked when you have unlocked all three achievements for the specific races designated ship.
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby greetingsfromoslo » Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:31 pm

Agg Shell wrote:I'd also love a new class

the Magma Golems

that would be boss

Not so boss when they are immediately extinguished by oxygen drain.

They would also require an augement or new system that would prevent them from putting their own ship on fire. If aguement is removed or the system is damaged, your ship will slowly start to burn.

That would balance them out.
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby xdiesp » Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:47 pm

I wouldn't mind unlocking new equipment in stores as I find do with new ships, also variations of the story where different ships had different faction friendships (why is my rock cruiser among enemies at the rock homeworlds lol).
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Re: What do you wish was in FTL?

Postby zekerich » Tue Feb 26, 2013 6:03 pm

Crew needs to be more personalized. There should be name changeability and more advanced crew profiles.

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