New achievements!

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Megas Domestikos
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New achievements!

Postby Megas Domestikos » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:10 pm

Let's list our ideas for new achievements.

Lights out!
- Defeat an enemy ship using only ion weapons.
Note: Done best either by shooting down their shields in a meteor storm, or cutting their oxygen which would double with "Victory through Asphyxiation" achievement.

- Defeat ten enemies in a row using only drones
- (Alternate) Reach sector 8 using only drones.
Note: Boarding drones count.

- Have a crew of 8 of only one race.

- Have a crew member of each race.

Post your suggestions :D
Space Roman
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Re: New achievements!

Postby rannl » Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:15 pm

Nice touch, I'll add my thoughts from other threads :

1. Double KO - Both you and an enemy ship are destroyed at the end of a battle.

2. Stranded - Have crew members on an enemy ship when your ship is destroyed.

3. Swiss cheese - Have 5 rooms with breaches at the same time during a single battle.

4. Die Hard - beat all crew members of an enemy ship with a single boarder on a single teleportation.

5. The federation's line in the sand - Destory 5 elite fighters in a single sector.

6. Bug hunt - Capture 4 mantis ships without using weapons.

7. Hell's angels - Kill a ship's crew using only fire.

Keep it going FTLers :)
Mister Sammy
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Re: New achievements!

Postby Mister Sammy » Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:21 pm

The A-Team: Miss an enemy ship 10 times in one battle.

Out of the Frying Pan...: Jump away from a fight and land on a beacon with a Sun.

Karma: Defeat a Slug Crew through asphyxiation when they have disabled your life support.
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Re: New achievements!

Postby Todes_Schnitzel » Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:22 pm

Mmmh... rannl, most of your achievements ideas should get there own class ,something like "Pain" or similar name. :D

and Megas Domestikos I like your ones.
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Re: New achievements!

Postby Milkshake » Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:56 pm

Key structure: Be hit in the same system room 5 times durning a single battle.

We don't need no water... : Have more than 15 tiles of you're ship on fire at the same time, and then manage to put them all out.

Professional torturer : Kill the crew of 10 enemy ships in a single run, without using a teleporter or boarding drones. (This would mean either cutting oxygen, starting fires or using an anti-bio beam)

Close call: Defeat the boss with no more than 3 hull points left.

So close: Be defeated by the boss while it has 1 or 2 hull left in it's final stage.

You're not going anywhere any time soon: Keep an enemy from jumping away for more than 5 minutes.
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Re: New achievements!

Postby Milkshake » Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:09 pm

meme inspired achievements;)

FFFFFFUUUUU!!!: Lose a total of 100 games while still in sector 1.

Ain't noboy got time for that: Jump away from 4 battles in a row.

Bad luck brian: Be killed after your first jump.

Rebels, Rebels everywhere: Defeat 6 Rebel ships in sector 8.

Why not zoidberg?: Win with a ship of which the starting crew were all named Zoidberg.

One does not simply... :Get to the boss without encountering any enemies in sector 8.

Brace yourselves: Be hit for 10 points of hull damage without a single miss.

Forever Alone: jump to 4 empty beacons in a row.
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Re: New achievements!

Postby Torchwood202 » Mon Jan 28, 2013 2:26 am

The Impossible Mission
Have 7 Cystallic crew members on the same one run.

Sell/buy 777 items over the course of the game.

Slug repair rip-off
Suffocate a crew member with a hull breach in the slug ship.

Get hit by 10 lasers in one battle and live.

Use 100 blue options throughout the game.

You cheated, right?
Get 999 scrap in one go.

Full on collision
Evade 200 shots throughout the game.

Never back down!
Complete and win 5 full runs without fleeing a fight.

God is good
Sell all you own and gain 150 or more scrap out of the deal.

You'll never win
Fail to beat the final boss 10 times.

Bride and Groom
Save the Rockman bride from young love.

Bring your ship's oxygen to 0% with all doors closed and maxed out and powered oxygen generator.

Hey...I know you...
Recruit Slocknog, Notch, and Ariadne in one go.

Buy 15 unknown weapons from the slugs.

I forgot my camera!
Visit the Secret Sector twice

Ultimate Tourist Trap
Vist the Secret Sector in the 5th sector (ITS POSSIBLE)

Beam me up, Scotty
Teleport a total of 100 crew members

Teleport a crew member...JUST as the teleporter breaks(...wait a second... )

The guns...they started
Hit every room on the rebel flagship at least once in one run.

Definitely Accidental
Accidentally hit 20 drones instead of the enemy ship throughout the game

Amelia Airheart, Even in the future...
Have the enemy or yourself launch a boarding drone...JUST after the drone control is destroyed

My, their slow today...
Visit every beacon in a sector before its overrun by the rebels

Jump to 100 beacons

Eh, I've got eight minutes
Complete two Homeworld quests that would have unlocked new ships in one go

Why yes, their new
Have equipped and fully powered two Glaize beams

Complete (Successful or not) 50 events throughout the game

Rockman on!
Fire 70 missiles throughout the game

Engi on!
Fire 70 beams throughout the game

Zoltan on!
Fire 70 bombs throughout the game

Human on!
Fire 70 laser beams throughout the game

Mantis on!
Teleport 70 crew members throughout the game

Crystal on!
Fire 70 shield-piercing shots throughout the game

Slug on!
Disintegrate 70 crew members with the Anti-Bio Beam throughout the game

Grease Palmer
Accept 50 bribes throughout the game

Toll bridge
Pay the toll 10 times to avoid a fight

FTL fan
Play for a total of 1 hour

FTL addict
Play for a total of 24 hours
FTL insane
Play for a total of a week

Too much free time...
Play for a total of a month

Play for a total of a year

Unlock every achievement

Have the mouse over a item that shows a description for 1 full minute

Discord (Insert My Little Pony reference here)
Have 1 of every crew member on your ship at one time

The Developers...your dissing them...
Install a mod

Post 1 comment on the FTL forums

Post 100 comments on the FTL forum

Find the Game-crashing event

Soul Link
Have 2 crew members die at the same time

Unexpected Stalemate
Pause the game JUST before the rebel flagship causes a finishing blow

Flee from 20 fights

I came to finish you...
Go back to a fight you fled from 20 times

Please come again!
Visit and purchase something at the same store 5 times

It all went better then expected
Destroy a enemy ship without firing a single shot, teleporting, or using drones

What's more important, a toolkit or a fire extinguisher?
Have a breach and a fire in one room at the same time

Twin Rivarly
Destroy the Rebel Flagship's first form using only weapons

Twin Rivalry 2
Destroy the Rebel Flagship's second form using only drones

Twin Rivalry 3
Defeat the Rebel Flagship's third and final form using only teleporting (teleporting bombs are ok)
Sibling Rivalry
Destroy a Mantis ship using only teleporting

Sibling Rivalry 2
Destroy a Rock ship using only missiles

Sibling Rivalry 3
Destroy a Engi ship using only drones

Sibling Rivalry 4
Destroy a Crystallic ship ship using only shield-piercing weapons

Sibling Rivalry 5
Destroy a Slug ship using only a Anti-Bio Beam


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