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[Mod Utility] Reflexive Fire System

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:50 am
by cannonfodder

Reflexive Fire is a mod that I, with the help of Lemonymous and KartoFlane, have made to allow modders to create custom Vek that can take reaction shots on the player turn much like XCOM's overwatch system. The system is simple for modders to implement, and players can get the hang of it's rules relatively easily.

THIS MOD DOES NOTHING ON ITS OWN. It must be combined with another mod that makes use of it's framework, such as my Evolved Vek mod: viewtopic.php?f=25&p=116549


In a pawn template, modders can define an array, Overwatch, with the three parameters Range, Shots Per Turn, Shots Per Pawn, and WeaponSlot. The Vek must also have a ranged weapon equipped in a slot (assigned with WeaponSlot) that fires immediately, with no queued damage. Modders should also set the weapon's targeting AI so it never fires on the enemy turn (unless you desire an enemy that attacks both on the enemy turn and on the player turn). There is currently no visual feedback for Shots Per Turn and Shots Per Pawn, so it is recommended that modders place such information in their weapon descriptions.

In mission, Vek with Overwatch arrays in their templates will have blue Reflex Marked icons drawn on the tiles that they can hit according to their Range. Tiles that the Vek cannot see, such as tiles behind mountains, buildings, or other units, will not be marked. If a Mech ends it's move, or is pushed into, one of these marked tiles, the Vek will fire it's equipped weapon at the Mech. If the Mech is moved again into a marked tile through use of pilot abilities or weapon push, the Vek will fire if it's Shots Per Pawn is above 1. If a different Mech moves into a marked tile, the Vek will fire if it's Shots Per Turn is above 1. On the enemy turn, Reflex Fire is disabled and the Vek's ammo, both per-pawn and per-turn, will be replenished.


(This is an old image, Line of Sight is now blocked by smoke)


STEP 1: Install KartoFlane's Mod Loader here (scroll down for installation instructions):

STEP 2: Download Reflexive Fire here: ...

STEP 3: Move into your Mods folder and extract it so that the file path looks like this:


Now open Into the Breach, go to the Mod Content button on the main menu, then click Configure Mods. If Reflexive Fire shows up in the list, you've installed it correctly.


1.0.0 - Initial release
1.0.1 - Bugfixes
1.0.2 - Added weapon slot system and blocking with smoke
1.0.3 - Bugfixes and "Reflex Firing!" popup


Q: Can I make a Mech or a Pilot with Reflex Fire?

A: As of right now, no. The system works by detecting the MoveSkill that all Mechs use, and Vek use some type of hardcoded movement ability that we can't track. I'm told KartoFlane's working on it, though.

Q: I'm a modder and I didn't understand your instructions at all.

A: In the mod folder, there's a folder named Examples with a pawn and a weapon fully set up to use Reflex Fire. I've also added handy comments that explain what's going on. Check it out.

Q: What the heck are those cool sneks in the images?

A: They're Cobras from my Evolved Vek mod. Download here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=32984

Q: How the heck did you make this thing?!

A: With the help of a lot of people on the ITB Discord! Come and discuss modding with us:


To Subset Games, for making Into the Breach
To Lemonymous for making Reflex Fire work with Undo Move and Reset Turn
To KartoFlane for creating the ModApiExtension that this mod couldn't exist without

Re: [Mod Utility] Reflexive Fire System

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:41 pm
by cannonfodder
Let me first apologize for accidentally uploading a beta, broken version of Reflexive Fire a few days ago. I'm sure you noticed that it would crash the game in all instances. I've updated the link above, and I promise it's been playtested and it's the right version this time.

New features:
Reflex Fire cannot target Minelayers and other friendly units that move on the enemy turn
Reflex sightlines can be blocked by laying down smoke
Units standing in smoke will never fire Reflex shots
Modders can now specify what weapon the unit will shoot on Reflex Fire

Re: [Mod Utility] Reflexive Fire System

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 6:59 am
by cannonfodder
It seems the latest Into the Breach update broke the whole system, so I'm here with a patch. Reflexive Fire 1.0.3 will now let you get mercilessly pounded again. Also, I've added an alert popup, similar to the white "Attack Canceled" indicator whenever a Vek is smoked. It says "Reflex Firing!" and also has the handy effect of shutting up your pilots for a second so the whole sequence of events feels less rushed.