[Palettes] Lost Palettes

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[Palettes] Lost Palettes

Postby KnightMiner » Tue May 05, 2020 4:11 am


This mod adds in 9 new palettes to the game. These palettes several unused palettes or palettes only available to enemies. It makes use of the Custom Palettes library, allowing these 9 palettes, along with those added by other mods, to be sorted among the vanilla palettes.


To make these palettes available, from the main menu, select Mod Options -> Arrange Palettes and move this mod's palettes among the first 11 palettes.

Palettes available as part of this mod, respectively from the screenshot:
  • Volatile Yellow
  • Neutral Gray
  • Pinnacle Robot
  • Pinnacle Robot Alpha
  • Pinnacle Robot Boss
  • Train Green
  • Vek
  • Vek Boss
  • Missile Red


1. Install kartoFlane's modloader
2. Unpack the downloaded archive to your mods directory (<steam>\steamapps\common\Into the Breach\mods).

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