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[Squad]Burning Legion

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:30 am
by narD

"This Squad has powerful weapons. Your enemies will burn..., and themselves too."

I'll make this squad, Instead of self Damage, using "self Buring."

play video (ver 1.1.5) :



ImageImage Image


Image Image

* Update

[ver 1.1.2]
* Prime : first upgrade changed to "Gain Shield".
* Ranged : Second upgrade changed to "+2 Damage", if target is on fire, then take 2 damage. And if you're on fire, then take 1 self damage.

[ver 1.1.5]
* Prime : first upgrade changed to "Rocket". (same as rocket punch)
* Brute :
- Hp 4->3.
- Damage : 1->2(already on Fire), 0(not ignite units).
- Weapon Change
i. description: "Fire smoke and ignite projectiles in opposite directions. And Damage units already on Fire.",
ii. first upgrade: "Shield Ally", "If used on an allied unit it gives them a Shield. (only smoke projectiles)",

[ver 1.1.6]
* Bug Fix: now working correctly ranged weapons on a full upgrade.

* (ver 1.1.6) [Latest] :
* (ver 1.1.5) :
* (ver 1.1.2) :
* (ver 1.1.0 ) :

Download Modloader :

thank you :)

Re: [Squad]Burning Legion

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 4:23 pm
by Biohazard063
Hey there,

Just did a run with this squad (will be thrown up on my YT channel in a week or two I think) and thought I'd leave some feedback.

I got insanely lucky finding Flame Shielding in a store early on. And I'm not sure if the squad could survive into the late game without it or without abandoning the starting weaponry. Whilst having them start with Flame Shielding would be a bit too OP. Having them start with say Viscera Nanobots would probably be helpful. Especially since every weapon in your starting roster causes mechs to set themselves on fire. I did start with Ariadne but even then...
Alternatively, maybe having one weapon not cause fire to the mech would might be suffice too. I'd say W.P mech would be a good candidate for that. (Though I guess that's where Ariadne can come into play.)
I guess the ideal would be having the nanobots and having the Willy not self ignite (since it doesn't deal damage making getting kills with it a bit harder).

You also might want to rephrase some of the weapon descriptions. The "then light it on its back and move it back one space", and the alternative for the Blazeshot can probably be rewritten as "pushes Mech back and ignites it". It's just confusing at the moment.

The weapon themselves work pretty well but you'd probably do well to change the last upgrade on some of them. At least for the Willy Pete. 3 cores for just one damage is rather lack luster. Especially since I'm assuming it also means buildings run the risk of getting hit by it. If not, mention it comes with building immunity. But either way, I'd say you can probably get a bit more creative with it. Maybe by giving it the same mechanic as the regular flamethrower where enemies already on fire take 2 damage. That would make it worth the 3 cores in my book. That would also take care of not having to worry about destroying buildings with it.

Anyway, keep in mind this is just some feedback so do with it what you want (even if that's nothing). I'm just one guy after all that played a 4 island run on normal (with a bunch of other mods). And that I did enjoy playing with the squad and its mechanics, even if my mechs became fire proof pretty quickly.

Re: [Squad]Burning Legion

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:12 am
by narD
* The below content was written using Google Translator.
* I would appreciate your understanding of grammatical errors.

First, thank you for playing my mode.
And thank you for your excellent feedback, and I'll give you an answer to that feedback.

1. Regarding Passive
- As you said, this squared is a good match for "Flame Shielding" or "Viscera Nanobots" Passive.
If I recommend another passive, I recommend "Repair Feild."

- This is a rather intended part of the game. Passive devices, such as "Fame Shielding" and "Repair Feild" in stores, are usually ignored by some other good weapons when playing games. So I wanted to encourage you to buy this, if possible.

And as I'm going to explain below, there's a way to do it at the expense of this penalty.

2. About the weapon descriptions
I'm afraid it's going to be difficult to fix.
- It may seem a little confusing, but it's a key mechanism in my squash.

Operates in the following order:
[0] Attack on target.
[1] Light the tiles just after one space of the Mack.
[2] Move the mck back one space.

If you change to what you said,
[0] Attack on target.
[1] Move the mck back one space.
[2] Light the Mack.

So to begin with, it's definitely different.
And if you understand and use that mechanism well, you can use it without the fire.

[Enemy]-[Mech]-[Attack target]
When you say you're in order.
If he attacks [Attack target],
The [Enemy] in the back catches fire, and the Mack and the [Enemy] in the back collide and exchange damage 1.

And that mark doesn't catch on fire.
I'll fix that by modifying the Tip Image properly.

I will actively review it if you can give me a better explanation of English as I write a statement using a translator.

And I'm going to give you a little more tip.
If you have a water tile behind you, or if you have bought tiles or map tips, you can use your weapon without catching fire.
I'll shoot a play video and upload it soon.

3. About Ranged Weapon
- As you said, the pilot that's best suited to Range Mack is Ariadne.
Again, this is a rather intended part, which usually uses a lot of mentis as a pilot, and our Rockman princess is not used.
So, I wanted to make a Squad that could take advantage of Princess Lockman.

Also, the weapon that lights up four tiles into the wide area and pushes the enemies around was thought to be as powerful as the Cyro Launcher-a range weapon that freezes the enemy and itself, so I planned to give them a penalty like that, a penalty to rest for repairs.

And if you do Blazehot's first Weapon upgrade,
You can also spray a smoke screen on Range Mack to put out the fire.

Anyway, thank you very much for your feedback on the last upgrade of the range.
I'll try to improve this in the creative direction you mentioned.

Thank you again for your feedback.
I'll be back in another good mode soon.

Re: [Squad]Burning Legion

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 11:41 am
by Biohazard063
Don't worry too much about the grammar. I fully understand it.

1. It certainly incentivizes buying said passives. But you do need to have them show up to begin with. It would be sad to see a run fail simply because the RNG didn't give you a passive you needed for survival.

2. I was familiar on how the weapons works. The "push back and set on fire" mechanic. Used it quite often with water or other vek for that matter. Even the occasional shot from the map's edges. Thing is that it's not always possible nor always the wisest choice. It can be done, but not all the time.
As for phrasing, guess you could go with something like "sets tile behind mech on fire then pushes mech back".

3. Ariadne was indeed the first person that sprung to mind. But I'm on the fence on whether forcing a starter pilot is a wise choice. On one hand, it kinda limits the player, on the other hand, a similar thing exists for a lot of vanilla squads. Thinking of Camilla for the Rusting Hulks for instance (though you could do without).

So yeah, I'd say the second upgrade of the range weapon definitely can use something different. Best of luck!

Re: [Squad]Burning Legion

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:13 am
by narD
thanks to other feedback. :)

[ver 1.1.5]
* Prime: the first upgrade changed to "Rocket". (same as rocket punch)
* Brute :
- Hp 4->3.
- Damage : 1->2(already on Fire), 0(not ignite units).
- Weapon Change
i. description: "Fire smoke and ignite projectiles in opposite directions. And Damage units already on Fire.",
ii. first upgrade: "Shield Ally", "If used on an allied unit it gives them a Shield. (only smoke projectiles)",

I've changed it like this way.

Brute will not burn himself as he used to.
You can use it to help other burning colleagues.

And to make better use of it, we're trying to reduce the possibility of damage to buildings.
Just like Prime Macs in the Plamebeth Squad, we've modified it to only harm burning targets.

Also, by changing the first upgrade to giving our allies a shield, we believe that if we do this first, it will be easier to operate the squared.

I've tried the parts that provide the passive from the beginning, but I wanted to make sure that the elements of the traditional game were not there as much as possible because it was in the mode.

I can't guarantee that the points you've made have worked out well with them, but I think some of the previous thorny issues have been eliminated.

Re: [Squad]Burning Legion

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 10:58 am
by narD