Master Mod List - Into The Breach

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Master Mod List - Into The Breach

Postby Jumbocarrot0 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:33 pm

[Last Updated 1-Mar-2018]

This thread is a list of all mods for Into The Breach. Currently, the only categories are Squads and Miscellaneous as there are not enough mods of any other category that warrant another section on this list. This will probably change in time.
The Squads section is self-explainatory.
The Miscellaneous section contains every other mod and currently contains the following mod types:
  • Enemies (adds more enemies)
  • Pilot(s) (adds more pilots)
  • UI (adds or changes UI)
  • Translations (translates the game into another language)
  • Color Palettes (adds custom palettes to be used as squad colors)
  • Portraits (replaces vanilla portraits with modded ones rather than making new pilots)
  • GFX (Short for graphics, enhances or changes the graphics of the game)
Most conventional mods are added into the game with this mod loader.
Enjoy browsing the mods:


Aquamarines, The by Arfy
Archive Armors by Lemonymous
Arfy Squad Collection by Arfy
Big Guys, The by AUTOMATIC
Bio Researchers by arcayn
Chrono Keepers, The by Cyberboy2000
Collateral by Schippi
Demolition Team by AUTOMATIC
Disposal Mechs by Lemonymous
Freezing Inferno by neozoid
Kinematics by Tarmean
More Starting Mechs [+Weapons] by meme
Neo-Machina by neozoid
Red Allert Survivors by CosmicLightning
Redirection Array by Zslayer74
RF1995 by Lemonymous
Riptide by Xenesis
Rough Diamonds by RoboRitalin
Sentient Weapons by Arfy
Steel Horde by narD
Suicide Squad by Auxarch
Tectonic Titans by inventex
(url=]Treeherders[/url] by Das Keifer
Waste Patrol by neozoid


Armed Train [Mission] by CosmicLightning
Bots'n'Bugs [Enemies] by Lemonymous
Color Scheme Pack [Color Palettes] by Elwood
Color Schemes [Color Palettes] by Cosmic Lightning
Commander's Expansion Pack [Weapons/Enemies] by Arfy
Comprehensive Screenshot [UI] by kartoFlane
Deluge’s Pilot Pack [Pilots] by DelugeRS
Evolved Vek [Enemies] by cannonfodder
Female Pilots [Portraits] by AUTOMATIC
FTL Pilots [Pilots] by Lemonymous
Friendly Fire Warning [UI] by kartoFlane
French Translation / Traduction Française [Translation] [WIP] by Blue_Tree
Hi-Tech Weapons [Weapons] by Lemonymous
Ice Queen [Pilot] by AUTOMATIC
kartoFlane’s Mission Pack [Missions] by kartoFlane
Lamb’s Completed Restored Weapons Mod[Weapons] by meme
Lost Missions [Missions] by redseiko
Lost Pilots [Pilots] by elozzelo
More Bosses [Enemies] by Lemonymous
Omega Pilots, The [Pilots] by stylesrj
OwO whats this? Pilot Text [Language] by meme [Irregular Implementation]
Pilots+ [Pilots] by neozoid
Rei Ayanami [Pilot] by FarawayVision
Rift Walkers Loading Bar [GFX] by Jumbocarrot0

French Translation / Traduction Française [Translation] [Highly Irregular!!] by mengpo and others - irregular as it contains the resource.dat file and the game .exe as to translate hardcoded text, also doesn't require the mod manager

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Re: Master Mod List - Into The Breach

Postby Lemonymous » Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:23 pm

Pilots+ links to Comprehensive Screenshot Mod.
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Re: Master Mod List - Into The Breach

Postby Jumbocarrot0 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:13 pm

Lemonymous wrote:Pilots+ links to Comprehensive Screenshot Mod.

Thanks, should be fixed

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