Enemies emerge at start of enemy turn

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Enemies emerge at start of enemy turn

Postby machii » Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:48 pm

I just had a mine-bot I was supposed to protect destroyed due to an enemy attempting to emerge from it's occupied tile. This should rarely ever happen as the Turn Order clearly states that "NPC's" act after Environment Effects, before Enemy Actions, and well before Enemies Emerge; being that Enemies Emerge occurs at the end of the Turn, always.

The Mine-bot was not restricted from movement; however, during my Player Action preceding it's turn it was snared by an Elite Grasshopper bug who's name I forget. But that turn I had pushed the Min-bot a tile apart from that Bug using the Def. Shrapnel weapon of my Cannon Mech. The Min-bot started it's turn free of any restriction, with open tiles on two of it's four sides, and at least four un-threatened tiles of which it could occupy. It just so happened it also started it's turn on a tile of an Emerging Enemy which triggered before NPC actions and unfortunately destroyed my objective.

Great game. Frustrating bug to encounter after spending minutes analyzing all possible plays.

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