This god damn 'Distant Friends' achievement

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This god damn 'Distant Friends' achievement

Postby jasonjacob » Thu May 02, 2019 6:27 am

I can't with it. I've gotten every other achievement so all I'm doing is replaying the game over and over waiting for some tiny yellow light I rarely ever see, and when I do I can never get to it.

An example, and the incident that inspired this post: I was just doing a four island run and on the last island (which happened to be Pinnacle) suddenly with two turns left I saw the yellow light. I fired a shot at it and with one turn left I could just grab it, but there were so many vek attacking every single building that just wasting one mech by sending it to stand on some light would destroy the grid. I prayed that this was actually the point of the light, and that I'd walk on it and the secret squad would come down and kill all the vek, but nah. I send my last guy over there and a pod drops. And then the vek destroy the grid. And the pod.

So I guess I've just got to keep replaying. See my problem?
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Re: This god damn 'Distant Friends' achievement

Postby Treamayne » Fri May 10, 2019 1:27 am

At the start of each board, before you even deploy your mechs, consciously check each mountain and/or ice tile for a crack and the beacon light. Of the dozen or so times I have seen the Distant Friends pod, at least 75% of them have been on a tile that was already cracked before the round began (rather than a mountain damaged during the fight - unless even those were cracked at first and I missed them). You should generally have 3-4 rounds to maneuver into getting the beacon.


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