new FTL challenge video

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new FTL challenge video

Postby rhaining » Fri Sep 25, 2015 8:31 pm

Finally! Posted my first new challenge video in about a year:

The SS Lone Wolf: 1 crew member + no voluntary healing of any kind. No use of medbay, cloning bay, or healing bombs. Made sure I didn't heal from an unpowered cloning bay + FTL jump, made sure I didn't auto-clone when I lost a crew member due to an event (made sure this never happened).

Recorded on hard/advanced with no mods in a single session so you can see I never saved the game, paused the recording, or cheated permadeath in any way.

Because I chose Engi C + Lanius crew member, I barely used O2 as well, nor did I ever upgrade my door control. I did however make use of O2 as as lure to manipulate enemy boarders.

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