Big active LP (Vanilla + CE), mod showcases and guides

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Big active LP (Vanilla + CE), mod showcases and guides

Postby Biohazard063 » Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:32 pm

So , I thought I might as well introduce myself here as well.

As you can tell from the title no doubt, I have tons of FTL content on my channel :

It's my biggest featured game on there actually.
The LP's are as good as always on normal difficulty. Except at the start of a new series, just to get used to the new stuff...
The mod showcases are I believe always on easy because it's a mod showcase not a skill showcase.
And the FTL AE Captain Edition hard is well... on hard difficulty.

Anyway, going in specifics on what is on there :

FTL pre-AE : ... YOLmLSvDIB

FTL Captains Edition Pre-AE :
Same link, starting from episode 45

Mod showcases Pre-AE : ... _hiWPfXHtY

FTL AE : ... yznQF4hhIH

FTL AE Captains Edition (active):
Same link, starting from ep 18 (on this day, I'm at ep 184)

FTL AE Captains Edition Hard difficulty (active): ... JuNaLdf4G_

Mod showcases (including my own): ... BYjtkn_WLZ

Ship and system guides, ship unlocks : ... uKUVbo_NVt

Guides for modding programs :
Slipstream :

Superluminal :

So yeah... Feel free to come say hello on the channel, I always enjoy getting comments and will respond if I have the option to.
There's also a bunch of other LP's on there, but no real point to talk about those on here I think.
Amateur modder and Let's player (with a substantial FTL and ItB LP featuring countless mods).
Channel link
A list of all my mods can be found here.

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