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Aron Times Plays FTL

Postby Aron Times » Fri Feb 13, 2015 10:38 pm

Hello, my name is Aron Times, and I recently discovered the wonderful game that is FTL. I originally got it from the Mozilla Humble Bundle last year, along with several other games, but I wasn't interested in them in the first place and simply paid for the Humble Bundle to support Mozilla. This month, I installed FTL on a whim because I got frustrated by the poor performance and optimization of the RTS game, Grey Goo (it heavily limits its own CPU and GPU usage for some arcane reason, resulting in poor FPS even in rigs more than powerful enough to run it).

It turns out that Grey Goo is actually an RTS game and a roguelike, two of my favorite genres in one, and I've been playing it every day ever since. After unlocking several ships (Engi A, Zoltan A, Zoltan B, and Engi B in that order), i decided to try my hand at doing Let's Plays of FTL. Mind you, I only play at Normal difficulty level because I AM A DIRTY COWARD I want to actually have a chance of unlocking the other ships without it being a cakewalk on Easy mode, so it's not like you'll find some really highly-skilled play in my videos.

Furthermore, my first Let's Play of FTL is the first Let's Play that I've ever completed. My first ever Let's Play, that of the Brotherhood of Nod campaign in the original C&C, is on hold because of the sheer frustration factor of bad controls (it's the game that popularized RTS games, and they didn't really know what worked and what didn't then), artificial stupidity (the pathfinding is horrendously stupid, and the bad map design aggravates this), and program instability (the game still crashes a lot despite numerous fan-made patches that help mitigate this problem). It's one thing to get killed by the Random Number Gods in FTL; it's an entirely different thing to lose hours of gameplay footage because of game crashes or units getting killed due to bad AI in C&C: Tiberian Dawn.

So, um, link spam incoming!

Here's my YouTube channel: Aron Times' YouTube Channel
Here's my introductory video to FTL: Aron Times Plays FTL - Intro
And here's my first Let's Play of FTL: FTL Run 1 (Kestrel A/Normal/Advanced)

Comments and feedback on my videos would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your replies!

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