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The Voyages of the HMS SILTH

Posted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 12:28 pm
by Major Gosnell
Welcome to the Voyages of the HMS SILTH (Sh@T is likely to happen)
A laymans a aproach to FTL

Episode 4: frack you Mr RNG)

Previous Episodes
Episode 1: -(Did my ship just go boom)
Episode 2: -(Where did all the air go?)
Episode 3: -(Well that was short)

Re: The Voyages of the HMS SILTH

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:35 pm
by stylesrj
I had a look at your run and you are right, people in the audience would be laughing. Almost disrupted my coworkers. :lol:

Episode 1:
There is never a positive outcome if you try to sell My Little Alien Pony (I've learned that the hard way as well and then I checked the game files. All bad).
Always try to communicate with them. You might get yourself an Engi. Or nothing in most of my cases but it doesn't hurt to try. It always hurts if you try to sell them. Unless you've modded in Captain's Edition, then you could get them as trade goods.

Episode 2:
Plasma storms sap half your power and the game has a NASTY habit of deciding that Life Support is the best system to take power away from while leaving a bar in the Medbay is suitable. Air is for suckers after all.
You did say "life support is powered up" without actually y'know... checking to see if it is. It's like saying "I always bring my phone" then when you need your phone, you check your pockets and realise you left it on the charger and didn't tell yourself...

Episode 3:
After an ion storm, be sure to put power back into everything immediately. Or at least put two bars into Shields and power up the weapons immediately in less stormy territory. You don't have a Pre-igniter, so no point in keeping them charged for the next beacon.

Episode 4:
Well thanks Obama!
But seriously you could have initiated Emergency Vent Protocol 23 (open all doors, cut off the air supply!) Except for the ones around where your crew will be) and put your 3 celebrities in the Medbay. Easy killings. Be sure to bring Oxygen back though before sending everyone back out

I dunno maybe you are having worse luck. Next time you play, you might even die before you jump :lol:

Re: The Voyages of the HMS SILTH

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:00 pm
by stylesrj
Oh and I'd like to also point out... in Episode 1 you said that you don't have the DLC installed so you can't use Advanced Edition... as far as I know, the fact that you have the option to turn advanced content on and off means you do have the DLC.

It's free. It's automatically installed and is ready to use. I recommend you always leave it on and never switch it off. It provides a lot more awesome to the game.