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Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:16 pm
by Biohazard063
Thought I might pitch my FTL LP series here's.
Here goes :
Hey everyone,

So been playing FTL for a long time now, been LP'ing it for almost just as long.
Going over 200+ episodes strong now. And no end in sight yet.
Most of the episodes are with the CE mod and I play on normal difficulty.
The latest episodes also feature the Random flagship mod and Randtrell mod.
Other than the normal LP I also do mod showcases (2 seasons with one ongoing) and guides.
There are tons of other games as well but seeing that this is an FTL forum, I won't go in to deeply on those.

I take suggestions and advice and I usually reply to all comments as well.
Anyway, here's the link to my channel.
Come say hello, have a few laughs at my not so great gameplay, and get the occasional suspense in.


Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:23 pm
by rannl
Thanks for doing your LPs with the Flagship randomizer and the Randtrel.
It's really nice seeing these mods in action, with all the work I put in them.
And your LPs are pretty good, better then most I've seen.
Keep up the good work, have fun, and best of luck.

Rann L.