Guess what... another LP, sorry (German)

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Guess what... another LP, sorry (German)

Postby Heureka » Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:49 pm

Hey everyone,

I'm sorry for posting yet another LP... :?

Buuut, I can't stop playing it, so I figured I might aswell record some of my runs for my YT channel.
The videos are covered in German commentary, so if you guys are entertained by 10-20 minute long videos in a language you probably don't understand, feel free to tune in. ;D
There's a bunch of other stuff on the channel aswell, so... stay a while and listen.

FTL playlist

I'll probably stream a couple of hours of FTL: Captains Edition tonight around 9pm (GMT+1) to share more of that sweet sweet FTLove.
If you like, follow the channel or my Twitter (can find a link below the videos) to know when it starts exactly.

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