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My first playthru video, tips for new people inside

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:43 pm
by Ghaleon
While I've made several gaming youtube videos in the past, never for FTL, in addition, only once have I ever made a video where I actually speak in a microphone. So rather poor at doing it in a consistent, entertaining fashion. Sorry.

But anyway I made a playthru vid with the purpose of both trying to help beginners learn some tips, and I'm hopeful some of the local experts can provide me with some as well...Provided anyone watches, it IS rather long cuz I pause to yap at times and such. ... KOZSSSOsK0

I also recently made another video that I think is noticeably shorter, and I yack a bit more with some more confidence. I don't really try and offer as many tips for beginners in it though. I still haven't compressed it and uploaded it to youtube though.

edit: post attempt #9 (argh).