Chaotic Law takes on the Rebellion of the... Rebels.

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Chaotic Law takes on the Rebellion of the... Rebels.

Postby Law » Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:56 am

Yes, I'm back once again, and here again to take on the rebellion of the... rebels. Okay. Well, there is a change, and that is that FTL had a free expansion called Advanced Edition, which adds a whole bunch of new things, including a new difficulty level, new music, new events, new ship systems and subsystems, and even a new race to play!

There has to be some merit to it, else the forum wouldn't have gone kaput (unless them spam bots were getting in the ventilation again...)

Ahem. Anyway, I'll be making a number of videos which shall have me attempting to play through the game on hard mode while simultaneously commentating over the top of it. Hope you'll join me in our journey, which should hopefully be more than a few jumps...

Want to watch them all at once? There's a playlist for that.

Episode List

Run 1 + 2: Lanius Cruiser Type A (Hard Mode)
Episode 01: Hard mode, self explanatory
Episode 02: Rock Boarders
Episode 03: A jump too short

Run 3: Zoltan Cruiser Type A (Hard Mode)
Episode 04: Special Shielding
Episode 05: Boarding No!

If you were looking for my previous series, look here.
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Re: Chaotic Law takes on the Rebellion of the... Rebels.

Postby Law » Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:37 pm

We continue on our journey in the Lanius Cruiser, and find ourselves in amongst the asteroids... or rocks... or boulders. Check out the video in the updated list, or click here!
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Chaotic Law takes on the Rebellion - Episode 3 + Bonus

Postby Law » Sat Apr 12, 2014 8:49 am

Our journey with the Lanius Cruiser finally reaches its conclusion after a little jump forces us into a highly unnecessary confrontation with the rebel fleet. We did get out of the way of the rebels themselves, but then we get stuck in some nebula... You can watch this episode here.

Lanius Cruiser Type A
Default Name: Kruos
Reactor Output: 8/25
Shielding: 2/8 (1 level of shielding)
Engine: 1/8 (5% Evasion, FTL 1x multiplier)
Clone bay: 1/3 (12s clone, 8 hp restoration per jump)
Oxygen: 1/3 (Oxygen refill 1x multiplier)
Weapon Capacity: 3/8
Hacking bay: 1/3 (4 second disruption)

Piloting: 1/3 (Requires crew, no auto evasion)
Sensors: 1/3 (Can only see interior of own ship)
Doors: 1/3 (Basic control of doors, cannot stop intruders or fire on their own)

Starting Missiles: 3
Starting Drones: 9

This ship you will most likely have if you haven't wiped your save file and have played FTL for quite some time. It's unlocked if you happen to have unlocked four or more of the ships from the original game (not including the Kestrel), and is only available if you have the Advanced Content enabled. It starts with a human and two Lanius crew, and the starting weaponry of the Chain Laser and Ion Stunner makes it feel a bit of a mix between the Kestrel Type A and the Engi Cruiser Type A, at least when starting out.

The augmentation you start out with are 'Emergency Respirators', which reduce damage done to crews as result of air loss by 50%. It does do quite a deal considering that you can't constantly keep your crew's health up since you don't have a Medical Bay (You either get the Clone Bay or the Medical Bay, not both).

The Lanius
But who are the Lanius? What do they do? What role do they serve?
The Lanius are scavengers - metallic lifeforms that rely on the absorption of minerals to sustain themselves. Their society ebbs and flows in hibernation cycles; they may lie dormant for many years, even while hurtling through space. As soon as they become aware of significant metal deposits they reawaken. Usually this occurs in the dying stages of a galactic civilization or in the wake of intergalactic war.

So in short, they're like Engi, except they may reactivate at any time they become greedy. We have a couple of them on board, and hovering over them in the crew screen gives this tooltip:
These anaerobic beings seem friendly enough.

In addition to that, they have the following traits:
  • Drain oxygen from rooms
  • No damage from loss of oxygen
  • Slower movement than other units
I can't imagine how one can get the impression that they are friendly. After all, you'd be walking into a room with all the oxygen sucked out of it. Not much for conversations or working together, unless you happen to be a Lanius also, of which our pilot certainly is not.

If you're going in search of Lanius as enemies, look for a hostile sector labeled 'Abandoned Sector'. Claims are as misleading as any, of course with the oncoming rebels.

Aresenal Lanius
Most likely you'd have unlocked this before unlocking any of the Type-C ships. So what's with the new names and unfamilar weapons?

Chain Laser
The Chain Laser is a change from the Dual Lasers and the Burst Laser Mark I, in that the charge time decreases the more you use it.
...At least up to a point anyway. It starts with a massive 16 second charge time, gradually decreasing to a 7 second charge time. Depending on your situation, you might feel better with the Dual Lasers consistent cooldown of 10 seconds. Of course, both weapons have the disadvantage of not being useful in later sectors.

Ion Stunner
The Ion Stunner is a slight deviation from the Ion Blast in that it makes use of a new crew status (you can guess which). The Ion Stunner does 1 ion damage to any system it hits, as well as a guaranteed stun on any crews manning the station for 5 seconds. Great for stopping crew repairs on hostile ships, though only doing 1 ion damage does mean it won't be useful in later sectors.

That's it for the time being until the next run. In the mean time, here's some bonus content!

Image Image
Image Image

See you all next time!
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Chaotic Law takes on the Rebellion - Episode 4! Zoltan!

Postby Law » Thu May 15, 2014 9:22 pm

We begin anew with the Zoltan Cruiser Type A and hurl ourselves into civilian space. Hopefully, the ship can do a better job than the rebels and pirates this early on!

See the update here, or see the original post!

The Zoltan

The Zoltan are a race of beings who hold an alliance with the Engi, capable of utilising their energy to power systems which would normally depend on the ship's reactor. This is balanced with a reduction of health down from 100 to 70, which makes fighting with them a risk. They also explode when they die (dealing 15 crew damage) so it's also a bit of a risk to fight against them. At least you won't have to worry about remembering to turn on the Medbay if you send them there.


A lesser known advantage of the Zoltan is that they can negate the effects of ion-based weaponry. If an ion weapon hits a two powered shielding system, you can send two Zoltan into the room and shields will recharge as normal. As the Zoltan power systems from the bottom up, it won't be so useful if a level 5 engine is hit by it as you would need 5 Zoltan total to negate the effects entirely.

Hacking was a new system to be introduced in the Advanced Edition content update, and forms a part of how it changes up gameplay massively. When you have the system, you can target an enemy ship's systems and lock out the enemy crew from being able to access it, at a cost of a drone part. Doors are reduced to level one (so fires can easily travel between rooms), and they do not open automatically to the enemy so they have to combat it (like when they've boarded your ship with level two doors). You can also see into the room. And that's just when the drone attaches.

When you activate the drone, a number of effects can occur depending on what system you've targeted, and these are listed below. One similarity however is that an enemy ship cannot add or remove power to an affected system during a hack.

  • Weapons: All active weapons will have their charge drained for the duration of the hack, cannot target with weapons. You can see individual weapon charge.
  • Shielding: Shields will drain for the duration of the hack, noted by the system turning from blue to purple. You can see the charge of shielding regardless of whether you're hacking or not.
  • Engines or Piloting: Reduces evasion to 0 for the duration of the hack, unable to FTL jump
  • Medbay: Will cause damage to crew which would normally be healed
  • Oxygen: Oxygen will drain for duration of the hack. View oxygen levels of the ship
  • Doors: Locks doors down for the entirety of the ship for the duration of the hack
  • Teleporter: Will send enemy crew boarders back to their own ship
  • Cloaking: If cloaked, will disable cloak upon hack
  • Sensors: No idea. Possibly stops viewing of the opposing ship.
  • Drone Control: Disables active drones, chance of destroying drones
  • Mind Control: Nullifies any current mind control, and randomly mind controls an opposing crew member
  • Clone Bay: Kills any crew currently being cloned
  • Backup Battery: Disables any bonus power, and reduces reactor power by two
  • Hacking: Destroys opposing ship's hacking drone.

A disadvantage is that you only have one shot at picking which system you want to hack, so unless it gets destroyed by an anti-drone system, you're stuck with your choice! It also cannot be used when a Zoltan Shield is present, unless you have a certain augment...
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Chaotic Law takes on the Rebellion - Episode 5

Postby Law » Mon May 26, 2014 2:36 am

Another update, and in this episode, our ship chooses between being boarded, and being unable to see. Naturally, we choose to have our sensors impared. You can check out the update here, or you can look at the original post.

No bonus segment here, because of having classwork and stuff. Maybe when I'm not sick as well.
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