Intermediate guide (featuring the Kestrel)

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Intermediate guide (featuring the Kestrel)

Postby FuriousFreeman » Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:25 pm

Hi there!

If you are familiar with the very bare basics of FTL, but still find yourself dying a lot and never reaching the boss ship on Normal, never knowing what it is that you're doing wrong, then I very humbly suggest viewing this guide of mine. If only you endure my Soviet accent and noob YouTuber mic nervousness, a veritable treasure trove of mystical knowledge awaits. The complete playthrough is pretty long, but it's because I talk a lot, trying to explain what's going on. The guide takes an unstructured form: I just play and talk about various elements of the game as they become relevant.

If you are a veteran player that can beat the game 5 times in a row while playing the Nessasio with no oxygen, upgrades, blindfolded, using the mouse with feet and juggling knives at the same time, don't change the channel just yet! For you, I have the timeless entertainment of watching me make bad decisions! Laugh as I loiter and spend far too much time thinking about which beacon to visit next! Giggle as I gear up and buy that unnecessary piloting upgrade! Frown as I forget to switch on the Defense Drone and get my butt hit by that missile!

It's fun and excitement for the whole family!

Part 1
Part 2

More coming soon!

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