The evergrowing overhaul pool

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The evergrowing overhaul pool

Postby KingdomKrafters » Wed Jun 26, 2019 4:19 am

Howdy this is kix here (who contrary to popular belief is not dead)
If you've been looking at the forums lately, you might have noticed the massive pool of overhauls lately. Uh so yeah, I figured I would take it upon myself to advertise all of the ones I currently know about (all of these have discords, to which I will link):

(also Im not including the entire dev teams for these mods, just the founders. additionally Im calling them by their discord names, not their forum names)
(also coincidentally I happen to be on the dev team for a lot of these, which is probably how I know about them)

you might have seen this one (also Im founder #2 so yeahoo), but its a sequel where the slugs, mantis, rockmen, and crystals team up against the Federation. Unfortunately some major bugs have put us into development hell, but we're trying our (or at least MY) best to fix it.
-Kix (me)

FTL: Colossal
I dont believe this one is on the forums yet, but its another sequel where you defeated the rebels but they're still out there and now you play as a big ass ship and have to wipe them out for good. Or something like that. Anyways its a cool concept!

Though not relatively far along in development, schism is based around the lanius. Thats all I have to offer, but these guys are cool lads so you should check them out.
-Laythe Crewdragon

Battlestar Galactica
This one is pretty obvious concept from the title, it intends to overhaul FTL entirely and replace it with BSG lore and artwork. Its development is going somewhat smoothly and if you're a fan of BSG you should check it out.

Arcadian War
The Arcadian war is a prequel (ain't seen much of these lately). Many of you might have heard of it if you've bean around for a while, cause it was a pretty revolutionary concept until a cryptovirus or whatever basically destroyed the mod. However, its finally been recovered and its back in development!

Ravenous Revenge
Another fairly new mod where you play as the rebels. We've got a fair bit done already, you should check it out! (rebel scum)

FTL: Other Space
I honestly have no clue what this one is about but I've heard rumors about it, so yeah check it out

So yeah thats all the ones I know of. Y'all should check em out, though not much of them are very far in development but thats why the discord exist, to help you players inspire the dev team and get them off their lazy asses and working.
Also of course, these are only the new ones that I know about. There will always be the 3 titans, CE, ARS+, and Insurrection (I've never liked CE but I cant ignore its success)
So yeah. Also, remember that the devs of these mods ARE PEOPLE and that they have lives to live and can't work on these mods every spare second and that stuff happens, and just pointing out every wrong with the mod doesnt help anything.

also sorry for the lack of images, if I get inspired enough I might adds banners for each of the mods on this
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Re: The evergrowing overhaul pool

Postby Areles » Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:43 am


hey, that's me!

Work-in-progress mod that I, as well as my lovely co-developers, are developing. I encourage you to check it out!
also the logo was made by me


solaris_oof#[REDACTED] on discord, u/solaris_oof on reddit.
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Re: The evergrowing overhaul pool

Postby AgentTHeKat » Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:03 pm

I still don't agree with somefederationperson being a founder and not me. Both of us or neither.
It's me, one of those Multiverse Devs!
Do you have a ship sprite you aren't sure about? Do you think it could be better, but aren't sure how?
Contact me on discord (AgentTheKat#1953), and I'll see what I can do! It's kind of my thing.

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