[OVERHAUL] FTL: Ravenous Revenge (play as the rebel fleet!)

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The RR Team
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[OVERHAUL] FTL: Ravenous Revenge (play as the rebel fleet!)

Postby The RR Team » Thu May 02, 2019 11:43 pm

A brand new overhaul for FTL made by M3OW, Kix, and Wolfpack5
Ship art primarily from: Vicious Vessels (made by Woona), Magic Badger, and Please Dont Touch Me

So, what is it exactly?
FTL: RR focuses on the opposite point of view than vanilla FTL, the rebel fleet. You start as a low ranking Rebel captain piloting a Rebel fighter and as you successfully capture and kill Federation ships you are promoted to higher and higher ranking ships, and ultimately the indomitable Rebel Flagship!

Oh thats cool, what exactly does it add?
Well we are very early on in development but we have narrowed down a few guaranteed features:
Guaranteed features:
    -A "friendlier" rebel fleet.
    -Encounter the vanilla cruisers and fight them for rewards!
    -Playable Rebel ships from both vanilla and custom hulls!
    -New Rebel, Fed, and Automated ships
    -New weapons, drones and augments!
    -Customizeable layouts at the beginning of the game
    -Play events from the other perspective, with the Feds attacking you!

Possible features:
    -Optional infinite mode
    -Unlock quests and upgrades from the fleet
    -Fight and destroy the Federation Base
    -Event changing augments such as the Rebel Requisition Liscense
    -Possibly even more!

So what kind of mood is this mod set it?
We are aiming at a slightly more bleak and neutral outlook, while you might play as the bad guys, you struggle with just murdering helpless citizens. On your quest to destroy the Federation, how much chaos will to leave in your path?

How far into development are you?
As of May 2nd, we have 3 player ships complete, the Fighter, Rigger, and Gunboat, as well as they're type B and C variants. We also have special "mystery" weapons, which can be exchanged at the first beacon for random weapons of a certain type, and a few new events. We also have a customized menu screen and hangar menu. We are constantly working on the mod, but currently we're just a three man team so we can only work at a certain pace. Once we have finished all of the player ships we will release the first playable version. As for now, you can join our discord to see new updates!

Discord Link

Screenshots and ships!

Customized Menu Screen

Rebel Fighter + New Hangar

Rebel Rigger + Mystery Weapons

Rebel Gunboat

Good luck out there comrade!
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: Ravenous Revenge (play as the rebel fleet!)

Postby bubbavampire » Thu Aug 06, 2020 1:21 am

Anybody know if the mod is dead or still in production?

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