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[MOD][WIP]The Arcadian War - Collaboration Mod

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 9:08 am
by Anthonest
Soundtrack Link

Welcome to The Arcadian War collaboration mod. It will be made by mod developer R4V3-0N, and of course me. The Arcadian War mod is a complete game overhaul that will feature a entirely new story line, new enemies, weapons, events, sectors ships and a custom game soundtrack. This mod has been planned for months and with the coming release of Superliminal 2 we have decided to begin development. This mod will be developed over a course of a few months hopefully, a ton of work is going to go into this project.

Years before the rebellion, The Federation entered a conflict with another inter-galactic superpower... The Arcadian Empire. As there control grew and they both began to prosper, closer they grew. Still conscious of each others existence they did not feel the need to worry about war. They traded, they grew. They prospered. But there territory continued to grow closer for decades until they were linked together by boarder. They could continue to progress outwards in to the unknown... Or push towards each others resource rich territories.

New leaders came to power and months before shots were fired cruisers were lined up at the boarder. When war was declared the Arcadian's advanced weaponry metaphorically dug a hole into Federation Territory. But no long after the Federation began to hold the line and eventually push back with the placements of minefields, commission of planetary artillery and deployment of the new Vindicator Artillery Beam MKI. War raged for months on and the boarders were pushed back to there original positions and the Federation advance was halted by the Arcadian's new Starfury-Class Battlecruisers. The war has been at a stalemate for months and the area has become known as the 'Space Trench'.

As the war began to take an ugly turn desperate measures have been taken by both sides. That is why you are here, The Arcadians have given you there most advanced cruiser and your mission is to break the line. The war will end soon one way or another. The final battle will decide the fate of the galaxy.

What is the Arcadian War?
Lore In The Arcadian War you will play on the Arcadians side and the Federation will be your enemy. It is stated that this mod takes place years before the rebellion and the following events spark the rebellion. Say 50 years before the rebellion takes place in the canon story of 'FTL: Faster Than Light' war break out between these galactic superpowers at the peak of there civilization rather than the Federation being on the run and being overtaken by the Rebels this brings two empires to total war.

============== AW Components ==============

New Events
Not quite as many as Captains Edition has to offer but it will be far from vanilla featuring +50 new events
Featuring much more in depth content in the war less focused on the single goal and rather being a soldier in an army.

Extended Quests
The mod will have more in-depth lore and there well be more quests and more options to get into the rest of the war rather than travel on your own until you get to sector 8. Quests may even last for entire sectors offering high scrap rewards, new weapons, etc. Made to feel like your being deployed in every battle.

New Weapons
The Arcadian War offers loads of new weapons to help you along in your mission to defeat the Federation.


Ship Conversions
Considering the Federation never really had a fighter and many rebel class ships don't even exist in The Arcadian War timeline, ships must be converted and revamped with new weapons , hulls and more to keep the game with its original feel.



New Ships
New enemies must be made for new factions, Federation classes up to par with there large military. Arcadian ships included to fit.

Image Image


Image Image

Boss Battles
Random boss battles against Federation cruisers in every sectors designed to be much tougher than your average fleet.



New Sectors
Respective sectors will be switched around (Except mantis) ie. Engi and Zoltan will become hostile sectors and Federation sectors will be added Extremely dangerous. New sectors will also be added.

Custom Soundtrack
Custom soundtrack with an additional 28 songs to fit the regular FTL soundtrack.



Developers: Anthonest, R4V3-0N.

Contributors: We would like any contributions! Hulls, weapons, etc.

Stay Tuned

Re: [MOD][WIP]The Arcadian War - Collaboration Mod

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 10:19 am
by dalolorn
Looks nice.

Re: [MOD][WIP]The Arcadian War - Collaboration Mod

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 10:25 am
by lakelurk
Interesting. I like those ship hulls.

Re: [MOD][WIP]The Arcadian War - Collaboration Mod

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 11:07 am
by R4V3-0N
Some of FTL: EB's content will be involved into this mod. As this mod is similar in some aspects.
(literally being the same as my big picture but this is a custom faction and not a present cannon faction)
I will be working on this in the same time as my mod, I will gain experience working with Anthonest on this mod overhaul with him to learn how to do some events and modifying things better so then I can. etc.

So far things are going good. Good to see you came around to doing the thread. Can't wait till we role our first player ship into the download links.

Re: [MOD][WIP]The Arcadian War - Collaboration Mod

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 8:06 pm
by xlandar
Very nice ship designs! looks like a very promising mod!
R4V3-0N, what is FTL: EB?

Re: [MOD][WIP]The Arcadian War - Collaboration Mod

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 9:42 pm
by Anthonest
xlandar wrote:Very nice ship designs! looks like a very promising mod!
R4V3-0N, what is FTL: EB?

Its his overhaul mod, the Engi Brigade.

Re: [MOD][WIP]The Arcadian War - Collaboration Mod

Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 11:54 am
by R4V3-0N
xlandar wrote:Very nice ship designs! looks like a very promising mod!
R4V3-0N, what is FTL: EB?

:roll: I feel like every thread I made is ignored. Oh well.

It is a large FTL overhaul mod that sets the game as the player not in Federation as a lone cruiser charging B'lining to the last federation fleet, BUT instead the Engi Brigade (If you do not know much FTL lore, that is a Brigade inside the Federation Fleet, the engi's (This is why the Engi Cruiser is the easiest ship to unlock, because it is federation (EB))

The mod will do this.

Change all player ships.
Add new weapons and drones.
Augments (in event like style like Captains Edition)
New Enemy ships
Main story has changed.

The main story is now you specifically aiming to kill the Rebel Flagship instead of just warning the Federation Fleet /base. It will also have more in depth and war themed events and quests instead of a rogue ship.

The mod is simular to Arcadian War (but more vanilla themed), Foundation of the Federation (the same thing but more custom ships and all player ships are Engi themed instead of just the 3), and Captains Edition (not from the start, BUT this one quests I ran into in Captains edition was so... amazing, I LOVED it, reminded me of my childhood and early gaming and I loved the atmosphere. It was a Federation ship blue event at a sector where you helped a large battle between the rebs and feds. etc. Even though I was planning to do things like that, that quest now makes me want to do more things like that.)

I am planning to make my mod module. So you can remove the ships if you do not want them and use a custom ship or vanilla ship, Maybe only keep the weapons on if you like it . etc.

But also planning to make the same mod like style with every other faction and race in FTL.

It may sound large to make a mod technically 9 times bigger or what ever, but I will drag on some events and weapons to the next mod to the point that the race has only the race specific weapons and events.

BUT this is all assuming I can finish the first mod, as it is already quite big and I am a bit of a stranger to events and enemy ships. :oops:


TL;DR It's Foundation of Federation but more engi.

The images of the ships I have made for my mod and some vanilla.

1) Engi Scout. A, B, C.
2) Engi Bomber. A, B, C.
3) Engi Cruiser. A, B, C.
4) Engi (Mobile) Station. A,B,C.

a) Engi Auto/AI scout (was going to be player ship in my mod but now 0x0 rooms do not work and thus it would be to hard to be ship, will release as a player ship outside of my mod)

5) Engi Interceptor A,B,C.
6) Engi Heavy Cruiser/ Defender (name not decided yet) A (B,C, will come soon)
VII) Captured Mantis Scout, Fighter, Bomber.
VIII) Engi Stealth Cruiser A,B,C.

Numbers = in the image, hull done
letters = in the images, but will not be in game (as player ship)
Roman Numerals = not in images, but already planned/ being made/ not uploaded yet.

Sorry for long wait, my keyboard died and had to wait till I got batteries. (stupid wireless stuff!)

@ you can find 3 galleries or what ever.

EB player ships, EB enemy ships (So far just some ships facing upwards and the 1 mantis ship I made so far) and EB weapons (which you do see on this thread)

Re: [MOD][WIP]The Arcadian War - Collaboration Mod

Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 4:53 am
by Anthonest

Edited all of the Rebel events with federation ones, no trace of the rebels left...

ALSO, MAJOR soundtrack work, 11 songs now. You can listen to them here. ... cadian-war

Re: [MOD][WIP]The Arcadian War - Collaboration Mod

Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 9:24 am
by Russian Rockman
What are those new weapons!! :o I must know!!!!! :D

Re: [MOD][WIP]The Arcadian War - Collaboration Mod

Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 10:03 am
by R4V3-0N
Russian Rockman wrote:What are those new weapons!! :o I must know!!!!! :D

Maybe if you ask nicely, me being the guy who made 7 of those weapons, I could tell you what they do in pm.

Only if you ask nicely. ;)