[v1.3][WIP] FTL TotalEventMod!

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Re: [v1.3][WIP] FTL TotalEventMod!

Postby nataryeahbuddy » Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:33 pm

Snarks wrote:Awesome, my idea got implemented. I've been meaning to write another event, but I've just been too busy with school lately. I'll have something up in a few days hopefully. Thanks again for coding in the event!

It has been coded in, but it's not in the current version because torchwood202 (thanks) checked the code and found it to be broken. I'm trying to fix it, and it'll be in the next update! :D
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Re: [v1.3][WIP] FTL TotalEventMod!

Postby DragudoFire » Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:57 am

Heres a few ideas for a event, "You see a ship in the distance, it hails you and says, We are bounty hunters, have you seen this man? A image appears on the screen and you realize that it is one of your men"
1. Lie and say that you saw him a few jumps away
2 Give up the member

1a. 50% that they beleave you and thank you for your time
1b. 50% chance that they had scanned your ship, and causes them to attack

2a. 25% chance for reward +200 scrap and a weapon
2b. 25% They thank you and say you did the right thing -1 crew member
2c. 50% They tell you that this is the wrong person and leave

Speacial (sensors 2+) You scan there jump logs and realize that they are bandits, and you attack them
(Engines 3+) Try and outrun them if failled you have to fight them

And one more "You have been working hard trying to avoid the rebel fleet, so you decide to rest on the nearby planet . While waiting to get your rooms you overhear people from the other room talking, you hear a man bellow *I CAN BEAT ANYONE IN A ARM WRESTLING MATCH!!!* "Hearing the man boast arrogantly you start counting out your scrap"

1. Bet 20 and get 40 for winning
2. Bet 40 and get 80 for winning
3. Bet 100 and get 250 for winning

"After deciding how mutch to bet you go up to the man and tell him that you would like to challenge him, he laughs and says *Alright witch of your crew wants to face me?"

1. Human
2. Engi
3. Mantis
4. Zoltan
5. Slug
6. Rockman
7 (Crystal special)

Human has 50% of winning 25% of losing and 25% of dying
Engi has 25% of winning 50% of losing and 25% of dying
Mantis has 80% of winning and 20% of losing
Zoltan same as human
Slug 60% win 20% lose 20% 20% dying
Rockman same as mantis
Crystal scares the man and he decides to back down and gives you partial of what you bet, 20% less than what you should have won

Win for Human and zoltan "Your Human/Zoltan member somehow won! You collect the prize money and procced to your rooms"

Win for Mantis and Rockman "Your powerful Mantis/Rockman easily overpowers the man, you collect your money and procced to your rooms

Win for engi "Some how your engi wins! The man must be weaker than he looks, you collect your money and procced to your rooms

Slug win "Your slug's slime makes the opponent's arm slip, causing you to win, you collect your money and prooced to your rooms

Lose for except Manti and rock "It seems that your crew member was just to weak to be able to defeat the man, you sulkingly procced to your rooms

Death for all except manti and rock "The man must have been stronger than you realize, when he relizes he is going to lose he decides to rip of your members arm, since there are no doctors in the building your member bleeds to death -1 memb of whatever you chose

lose for Rock/Mantis " The man was losing so he decided to try and rip your arm off, luckily your members body was use to combat, you were able to easily counter the mans attack, knocking him to the floor, as he gets up he decides to make a hasty retreat along with the scrap"

Welp thats all i can think of, sorry that i made it a essay and a half
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Re: [v1.3][WIP] FTL TotalEventMod!

Postby Sleeper Service » Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:24 pm

Probably not possible, but would be nice:

(after boarding success, same probability as finding a weapon on the ship)
"While you search the enemy ship for scrap a routine scan discovers a glitch in the ships security protocols. If you tinker with the system you might be able to unmount one of the ships weapons for you to take.

1. Try to get into the system and unlock one weapon system.
2. Don't wast time and just strip the ship of useful scrap.
3. [Engi Crew] Have your Engi take a look at the security protocols.

Response 1a - 50% chance
You hacking skills prove insufficient so you just head off with some of the ships spare parts.
<Event end. Receive medium scrap.>

Response 1b - 50% chance
You manage to unmount one weapon before an defence AI routine discovers your intrusion and fries the systems of the remaining armaments.
<Event end. Receive a weapon and low scrap.>

Response 2
You quickly pick the bones of the ship.
<Event end. Receive high scrap.>

Response 3
Your Engi crew member easily exploits the security loophole. He informs you: "Defence algorithm in ships backup AI core detected. Probability of intrusion detection : 98,652%. Priority decision required.

3.1. Try to unlock the [enemy ship weapon 1].
3.2. Try to unlock the [enemy ship weapon 2].

Response 3.1
The Engi manages to unlock the weapon you specified. As expected the ships backup AI then quickly disables the other armaments.
<Event end. Receive [enemy ship weapon 1] and low scrap.>

Response 3.2
The Engi manages to unlock the weapon you specified. As expected the ships backup AI then quickly disables the other armaments.
<Event end. Receive [enemy ship weapon 2] and low scrap.>
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Re: [v1.3][WIP] FTL TotalEventMod!

Postby Metzelmax » Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:23 pm

I totally want a Time travel/paralleluniverse event! No SciFi without time travel:

There needs to be a time-travel-event where you see yourself from the future, the ship is about to explode and you try to help them to figure out what will happen.

1. move in to help your future selfs.

-ship explodes, you get damaged /nothing
-as you move in a ship from the future follows through the timewarp and destroys your future ship (ship way above your sector strength)
-you can rescue one of your crew, who tells you what will happen (scrap, map updated, crewman)
-ship explodes, you can pick up a really advanced weapon/drone
-you can save the ship from the future, they tell you how to defeat the rebel boss and help you improve your engines to get there in time (+10 fuel, ftl recharge booster)

2. Time travel is impossible, move on.
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Re: [v1.3][WIP] FTL TotalEventMod!

Postby TheNewbie » Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:13 pm

Guys, remember the beacon with the warning: quarantine level five? :D
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Re: [v1.3][WIP] FTL TotalEventMod!

Postby SomeFederationPerson » Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:22 am

Here's a little idea I came up with...

Independent fleet encounter

You jump into the system and you see a massive fleet of a faction which you can't quite make out. You assume it's a break away federation faction. As soon as you leave the admiral of the fleet hails you."We still support your cause even though we're not part of the federation. Take this and may the federation survive and be victorious."
(Receive 1 random weapon, high scrap reward and a random augmentation)
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Re: [v1.3][WIP] FTL TotalEventMod!

Postby oilfire30 » Mon Nov 11, 2013 8:33 am

I'm not sure if its possible to have this many options on an event, but

A federation supply warehouse is found near the beacon, what do you do?

1. investigate the warehouse, we could use with some supplies.
2. avoid the building, it could be a trap.
3. [long ranged scanners required] scan the warehouse to check if its a trap.

1A. (75% chance), we get to the warehouse to discover a federation guard guarding the warehouse, you tell him that you and your crew are with the federation, he tells you "the rules have changed in collecting supplies from this warehouse, we need to inspect your crew to make sure that your with the federation".

1B. (20% chance), it seems that rebels or another form of life has killed and looted the warehouse, you collect what you can and continue your way (obtain small amount of scrap).

1C. (5% chance), it was a trap, the warehouse was filled with rebels, prepare to fight. (fight a rebel ship).

2A. (90% chance) you wait for your FTL to recharge, going there is not worth the risk.

2B. (10% chance) you prepare to leave the beacon, but just as your FTL completely charges, a rebel ship attacks you from behind. (FTL jump fully charged, engines broken and fight a rebel ship).

3A. (95% chance) it shows that the warehouse isn't a trap and you go and investigate the warehouse.

3B. (5% chance) scanners show that the warehouse is a trap, you avoid it without hesitation.

choices after 1A and 3A

1. decline the request
2. accept the request

1A. (50% chance) the guard says "i respect your and your crews privacy, but i can not allow you to take some goods (leave).

1B. (25% chance) the guard says "i am sorry, but you cant leave here now that you know where we are (fight a federation ship).

1C. (25% chance) the guard says "you didn't think you can get away from me without being harmed, did you (take 1-5 hull damage).

2A. (100% chance) "ah, thank you for letting me get info on your crew, now how many different races are on your ship"?

Choices after 2A

1. we are the only race on this ship.
2. (2+ races required) we have a little variation of crew, but not much.
3. (3+ races required) we have a selection of crew on our ship.
4. (4+ races required) we have many different crew on our ship, we can survive anything.
5. (5+ races required) we truly are a loyal member of the federation.
6. (6+ races required) we've crossed the Galaxy to find crew from as many races as possible.
7. (all 7 races required) we have every single race known in the galaxy, and together we are trying to over-run the rebels to make a brighter future.

1A. (99% chance) "you liars, you're not with the federation at all,are you, you won't survive this day" (fight a federation ship)

1B. (1% chance) "hm, it seems you are from the federation, but the rules of this warehouse says that you need at least 3 different races to be eligible to get supplies from us, I'm sorry i can't offer you anything" (leave).

2A. (25% chance) "pirates are you, trying to rob us. not today" (fight a federation ship).

2B. (70% chance) "hm, it seems you are from the federation, but the rules of this warehouse says that you need at least 3 different races to be eligible to get supplies from us, I'm sorry i can't offer you anything" (leave).

2C. (5% chance) "you are a part of the federation, but I'm not allowed to give you supplies, but take this anyway on the house" (gain a very small amount of scrap).

3A or 4A. (100% chance) "well, by the rules you can have some supplies, so take these" (small loot reward).

5A. (100% chance) "wow, you have a pretty mixed crew, take this and continue your quest for the federation" (medium loot reward OR a small loot reward and a random weapon).

6A. (100% chance) "well, thats allot of crew, take as much as you need" (large loot reward OR medium loot reward with a weapon).

7A. (100% chance) "WOW, I've never seen a ship with such a variety of crew like yours, take all of this" (Large loot reward and a weapon OR medium loot reward and a random ship-unique augmentation).

Its a bit of a big event, but i think it might be a bit of an interesting concept to add to the game.
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Re: [v1.3][WIP] FTL TotalEventMod!

Postby Trynt33 » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:38 pm

I got an idea for an event, maybe it'll be interesting or not, it's just an idea for an event I had for a while, it's kinda based on the event where you fight the Mantis pirate who's name is impossible to spell.
This event could appear pretty late in the adventure, due to how powerful the ship could be IF you fight it. Fighting it isn't the 100% end result of this event.

*arrives at a beacon and a heavily armed, heavily shielded rebel pirate ship appears and it's relationship is neutral*
You arrive at a beacon and you see an utter monster of a ship! With scratches and dents on the hull of the ship, it looks like its seen dozens of battles. After a few minutes of aiming your weapons at it, fearing it'll fire, a message comes through, "Hello!" the person speaks in surprisingly friendly tone, "You look a bit loss" you crew feels a bit uneasy when he says that, "You know how dangerous these spaces could be, especially during war time. Oh, I bet you wonder who I am? I am the great pirate, Jonathan Dashwood. Ex Fed, ex Reb, and ex slaver. Now don't worry, I won't fire at you, since your ship seems alright... If a bit weak." You crew feels a bit insulted when he called the ship weak.

1: Challenge him to fight
2: Leave
3: Have your Zoltan crew member talk to him (Blue option)
4: Attempt to intimidate you with your rock crew member (blue option)
5: Intimidate him with your Crystal crew member (blue option)

1a. He laughs, "Ha! Your ship can fight mine?! Aww, that's so adorable. You know kid, if you fought me, it would be like a lone Engi fighting a group of Mantis', it just won't be good for you." He leaves the beacon, and you crew feels embarrassed

1b. He laughs, "Ha! Ohhh, you think your ship can fight mine?? It's not even designed for combat! It's like a scouting vessel. If you say so, your funeral, kiddo." His weapons begin to charge, let's hope this was a wise decision

When his hull gets to 4 and below.
You hear the com channel opening up, with Jonathan laughing, "Hahaha! You surprise me, really. Ahh, I haven't fought someone this strong ever since I went toe-to-toe with a Rebel Destroyer, and it's obvious who the victor is. Tell you what, how about I join your ship? This ship ain't good enough anymore, you broke it a bit too much."
1-1a. You accept to bring the pirate, Jonathan Dashwood onto your ship. "I may be a pirate, but I am honorable, hope I'll be of great service. Now let's go kick some Rebel ass! .. I assume that's our enemy, right?" (New human crew member Jonathan, low scrap reward, and a random weapon)
1-2b. You refuse his offer, the com channels open once more. "I see.. Well, I didn't expect a long life! Add it to your resume, you killed the great pirate, Jonathan Dashwood." (Reward for beating him, medium scrap, and a random weapon)

2. As you try to leave, Jonathan speaks to you, seeing a small shuttle towards you, "Since your ship looks a bit weak, how about you take this? On the house, enjoy. Don't get yourself killed out there" (low-medium scrap reward)

3. Your Zoltan crew member talks to Jonathan for a bit, with peaceful talking. After what felt like an hour, the discussion finally ends. Jonathan speaks, "Heh, Zoltans, I love em. They always.. Interest me. Your crew member is no exception. Have a save travel!" (Reward, low scrap reward and a random weapon)

4. Your Rock crew member attempts to intimidate him, with some stern words. After a little bit, Jonathan talks, "Aww, what an adorable attempt to intimidate me. I've fought many-a-Rockmen in my days. Tell ya what, have this, I don't need it." A small shuttle heads towards your ship, it appears to be a weapon. (Reward, random weapon)

5. You show off your Crystal crew member. Jonathan jumps, and looks extremely shocked, he says on the com, "J-Jesus H space christ, what is that!?! W-what the hell IS that?! Is that some kind of mutation of Rockmen or something? D-damn, i-it looks so... Shiny, and sparkly! I'm impressed, mate. It looks interesting. Tell you what, how about we make an offer? Let me have that impressive crew member you got there, and I'll... Give ya everything in my cargo hold! It's good stuff, I promise. What do you say?"
5a. You accept and hand over your Crystal crew member. "Sweet, sweet. I'll take good care of him! .. Or her, I can't tell it's gender." (Lose Crystal crew member. Reward, high scrap reward, Glave Beam weapon reward)
5b. You deny. He looks disappointed and says, "Awwww, I wanted to show this beauty off to all of my mates. Aw well." He takes a picture with a small camera he seemed to have, "At least I can show them this. Tell ya what, for your troubles, have this." He sends a small shuttle to your ship and beams off. (Reward, medium scrap)

Hope this is a good event, this is the only idea. If there are spelling mistakes in this, I am very tired while I write this. I'll correct some spelling mistakes if there are any after a night of sleep.
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Re: [v1.3][WIP] FTL TotalEventMod!

Postby CaptainRover » Sat Dec 07, 2013 7:02 am

Here's my idea.

Your ship arrives at the beacon to almost an ideal destination a small moon is nearby with a small settlement on it that is already hailing you, however your ship may also need some quick repairs while your here

Option 1: Answer Hail: You answer the hail to be greeted by a friendly merchant willing to sell you equipment [opens store screen] 50% chance of occurring.
or You Answer the hail to be met with the face of a wanted Mantis criminal who simply says Now is your time... [1-3 mantis are teleported onto your ship. 25% chance of occurring
or You Answer the hail to a static screen it would appear that the settlement was attacked you decide it is not safe here and prepare to move on. 25% chance of occurring.
or [with defense drone] you launch a defense drone to protect the ship whilst you relax on the moon.

Option 2: Repair Ship: You begin to repair your ship... 15% chance of occurring.
or The repairs seem to be going smoothly when suddenly a system overload occurs causing one hell of an explosion! [3 hull damage taken] 15% chance of occurring
or While your crew is busy repairing the ship a small satellite hits your ship causing some damage... not everyone survived the blast. [1 damage taken and 1 random crew member is lost] 5% chance of occurring.
or Suddenly when repairs are almost finished a fuel pipe is damaged causing a small but costly leak. [ - 3 fuel] 15% chance of occurring.
or whilst you repair the ship you stumble onto an old repair drone that appears to still work, you put it to good use [system repair drone + 10 hull revived]
or [with Engi crew/repair drone] you put your Engi/repair drone to good use whilst repairing the ship... [ + 10 hull received]

Hope you like it :p
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Re: [v1.3][WIP] FTL TotalEventMod!

Postby Metzelmax » Sat Dec 07, 2013 8:09 am

This thread is more like TotalAbanndonedEventMod
Here is the Stuff I made:
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