[MOD] Weapons of Mass Distraction v0.7

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Re: [MOD] Weapons of Mass Distraction v0.7

Postby POM_Fenris » Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:58 am

Damn, I was looking forwards to putting some holes in ships.
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Re: [MOD] Weapons of Mass Distraction v0.7

Postby DCChuckles » Sat Jan 26, 2013 5:51 pm

For something Mantis-y, how about a circular/chainsaw gun that pierces shields, does one hull damage, and causes a breach.
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Re: [MOD] Weapons of Mass Distraction v0.7

Postby Marinealver » Sat Jan 26, 2013 6:37 pm

Like the new ideas playing around with the weapon for new combos such as ion drones and bio bombs.

Can I make one suggestion For the system hacking should you make it an augment instead just like the FTL Jammer. It reminds me of so many slug nebula encounters where they disable a system before a battle. I can count the number of times I wish I could be able to do that.

Another Augment I would like to see after watching the Rock Cruiser and the missile starvation.

Missle Fabrication Replicator (or some sort of Mini Missle Manufacturing Replicator) Basicly Makes missles everytime you recieve scrap. Reduced scrap by 10% gain 1 missle for every 1(or 2) scrap loss this way. Sort of like the Hull Repair Arm but only for missles.
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Re: [MOD] Weapons of Mass Distraction v0.7

Postby Maish » Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:52 am

I've just got a couple points of criticism on your modified starting ships.

1. The Zoltan Cruiser is dull as rocks with the "Zoltan Laser II" that you added. I quit after the first sector because all I had done in any battle was to autofire the enemy's weapons. Because all it takes is one landed shot to keep the target down, I won every battle with 3 clicks. Thanks to the weapon only dealing 2 damage every 10 seconds, most of these single click battles lasted for over a minute. I really think you should revise this weapon.

2. The engi cruiser B is kinda broken without a repair drone. You can't replace the crew with drones when there are no drones to repair things.

Other than that, I think the mod would benefit from recolored/new sprites.
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Re: [MOD] Weapons of Mass Distraction v0.7

Postby Ehecatl » Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:02 am

Mantis ships specialize or use boarding in some way. Your best bet for a good mantis weapon is something that would assist their boarding attempts as the only thing a gun/ missile upgrade for them would help is maybe the Type A and even then if it is disruptive, it'd go completely unused.

As someone who loves boarding action, I believe an upgraded boarding drone or special bombs would be good. Though to be honest, the Mantis don't really need anything lol. Their boarding is already damn good as is. You'd have to get creative, though I suspect it'd be easier thinking up augments for them. Also, consider providing upgraded repair and anti-personnel drones as well as upgraded drone augments. Hell I might actually like the Type B Engi Cruiser if it instead specialized in boarding drone deployment. Here's some ideas for you on some new augments and such:

Preexisting Augments:

Drone Reactor Booster -- On-board drones and boarding drones have their movement speed increased by 50 percent and work at a faster rate. (This might work to allow system drones to repair quicker and Anti-Personnel/ Boarding Drones to attack faster or do more damage).

New Augments:

Drone Reverse Thrusters -- Non-destroyed Boarding Drones will return at the end of battle, allowing their parts to be reused.

Drone Self-Destruct Sequence -- Boarding Drones and Anti-Personnel Drones gain a self-destruction sequence that destroys them however lets them do system and personnel damage in whatever room they are in and has a chance of causing a hull breach. (The damage they do to personnel and systems doesn't have to be great nor the breach chance all that high. But adding a little extra hurt before going out would always be cool. This would perhaps work like the Crystal men's Lockdown or it could just detonate upon the drone hitting 0 HP, though if that were the case, I'd recommend reserving the feature for Boarding Drones only.)

Portable Matter Compressor -- A device that boarding crews can carry to actively pillage and haul scrap as they damage and destroy systems. Recovers 2 scrap for every level of system damage performed by crew. (Because why the hell not? I just like the idea of a bunch of Mantis's pillaging scrap as they rip chucks of metal of the ship with their claws. :lol: )

New Weapons:

Slug Heal Bomb (only on Slug Ship) -- Like the Heal Bomb but with a 0% chance of missing and requires 2 power. So that the Slug Type B boarder has a better chance at being good at its job.

Scrap Beam -- A special beam weapon developed by Slug pirates to shave and beam back scrap from enemy hulls.

Cost: 50 Scrap
Requires: 2 Power and 16 seconds to cool down.
Cannot target your own ship.
Damages each room for 1 damage.
Gains 1 Scrap for every room hit.
Beam Length: About 3 tiles long.
EDIT: Damage is needed to ensure the enemy actually can die from this weapon and a player cannot just infinitely ion down weapons and shield, set this thing to acquire infinite scrap, then walk away from the computer. At least with the damage and limited tiles, there's a limit to how often you can rack the enemy ship with this. 3 tiles is about good. Any more and this thing'd replace the pike beam.


BTW in regards to the Crystal Vengeance Augment, can that just be removed from the Type B Crystal Cruiser? It's clearly a boarding ship and I for one think a ship having the ability to randomly deal hull damage while my crew are on-board a potentially already low-health ship could have potentially... dire consequences. Maybe if the ship instead had a Crystal Lockdown Bomb for it's one weapon upgrade?

Also, if you're in the business of events, I think a few blue options to allow Slug crew to disable a ship system on the enemy vessel before engagement would be lulzy. You always see the slugs doing that in their own sectors where they ask "you want oxygen, shields, or weapons!" Well, why not let our slugs troll them like that! :P

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