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Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:57 pm
by thashepherd

With cries of "Sic Semper Tyrannis", nearly a quarter of the United Empire's worlds have seceded to form their own nation. They call themselves the "Pilgrims". The Empire's legislature interpreted this secession as treason, and the overwhelming might of the loyalist fleet has fallen on the Pilgrims. Although the situation is militarily hopeless, your family and friends have all joined the resistance - and so you shall.

Sonata is a total conversion mod for FTL based on the storyline of Endless Space by Amplitude Studios, with heavy modifications. It aims to create a gritty, realishtic, and morally ambiguous story on the FTL engine where politics, motivations, and the nature of humanity itself affect your journey.
ModDB Page

All-new soundtrack
All-new backgrounds
All-new story and events
All-new UI
Custom player ships (5), plus new ways to play with the rest
Custom enemies (10)
All-new weapons, graphics, projectiles, and explosions
New sound effects
And more!

Sonata 7a released!
Download from ModDB

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        - Added SOPHON_A: "Verne" (by DCChuckles)
        - Remixed the weapons load of unimplemented ships (have fun)
        - Added UE Frigate enemy
        - Added custom UE weapon sprites (all 16)
        - Added custom Sower/Sophon weapon sprites (some)
        - Added custom projectiles for all current weapons
        - Several new sound effects       
        - Added 8 new music tracks
        - Tweaked Ranger mount points
        - Shrank mini ship icons to avoid overlapping border
        - Added several new drones & ion weapons
        - Added spiteful_crow's new UE Frigate sprite (currently unused)
        - Removed some lower-quality backgrounds and added replacements
        - Reshuffled sound tracks
        - Changed Engi/Mantis references to Automaton/Hissho       
        - Event edits
        - Tweaks & balances
        - Added Sonata drones
        - Added EFP projectile
        - Added custom backgrounds
        - Added custom musics
        - Added new events
        - Finishing touches on UI
        - Sower/Sophon sprite recolor
        - Custom Human/Sophon/Sower crew weapons
        - Updated in-game and readme credits
        - Polished weapon/projectile placement
        - Added Sower Surveyor & pirate skin
        - Added Sower Builder & pirate skin
        - Added UE Gunship & pirate skin
        - Gibs for everything
        - Added Slugger 1/2/3/4 custom weapon image
        - Added Missile 1/2/3/4 custom projectiles
        - Customized "Last Stand"
        - Test/balance
          - Fixed text encoding issues
          - Filled inner transparencies in /map button .pngs preventing them from showing up as black boxes
        - Converted /storeUI
        - Converted /upgradeUI
          - Fixed manning defect in UE Frigate engine room
        - Fixed size/locked tile in Sower medbay
          - Correct graphical glitch in UE Destroyer weapons room
          - Correct global weapon title positioning (planned)
   UI overhaul:
      - /combatUI
      - /customizeUI
      - /generalUI (exit button)
      - /map (buttons, boxes, overlay, destination icons)
      - /numbers
      - /optionsUI
      - /statusUI (buttons)
      - /tutorial/button_continue
      - /upgradeUI (buttons, half of the overlays, half of /equipment, all of /equipment/tabButtons)
      - graphics in /img
   Weapon balancing (Sower)
   New weapon sounds (public domain/royalty free)
   Converted "Scrap" to "Dust" as far as possible
   Fixed rebel_long weapon mounts
   Re-added Sower sector events (crash fixed)
   Reshuffled sector mix
   Re-added transparency to hangar graphic
   Reworked ship interior room graphics
   Reworked crew placement
   Fixed nerfed medbay in UES Ranger
   New hangar background
   Reworked weapon prices and rarities
   Removed vanilla weapons from random spawn
   Added rebel_long sprite and pirate variant
   Removed last of vanilla references to rebels/federation/rock/zoltan
   Added new tooltips
   Reworked weapon description box for readability
   Several small tweaks and bug fixes
   Added layout/floor for UE destroyer; fine tuned
   Added image/layout/floor for Sower ship 1
   Added hit animation for Sower Cannon 4 (from Obsidian Cruiser)
   (Bug fixes)
   Gave kestrel_2 kestrel_1's layout/floor
   Altered kestrel 1/2 layout so that thrusters are no longer visible
   Set new weapon images/projectiles to the closest vanilla equivalent
   Tweaked a few weapon values
   Fixed an error in the UE Driver animations
   Updated Main Menu graphic
   Created this document
   Kestrel 1 finished
   Kestrel 2 graphic
   Changed Kestrel shield color
   UE, Sower, Sophon weapon stats added
   New weapons added to enemy ships based on race
   New Main Menu BG courtesy of A9 (Jeremy)
   Gauss 1 projectile created, added
   UE Gause 1, Driver 1 graphics created, animations complete
   Sower Cannon 1 graphics created, animations complete
   ~75% of events files modified with altered text, new stories, lore, etc
   All references changed Rocks->Sower, Zoltan->Sophon changed in context
   Mod added to Git repo
   All material from diversityMod removed
   Mod released on FTL forum

See the full changelog in the readme!

Grognak's Mod Manager is required.
Download from moddb
Try this link if the above link does not ork

Current Development Version:

Gameplay videos (historic versions)
BrenTenkage: Sunlight Sonata
GingerDragon: United Empire Destroyer
GingerDragon: Sower Cruiser
GingerDragon: Federation/Engi

Feedback, bug reports, ideas, recommendations, etc. are all welcome whether in public or private. If my email is not visible on this forum, it is

Re: [MOD][WIP] Sonata

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:34 am
by thashepherd
Added a readme, and committed some changes & bug fixes; A9 passed me a new main menu graphic which is, impossibly, even gnarlier than before.

Just played through up to ~sector 5; mod is definitely playable (and fun!), but crashes when you reach a Sower (rock) sector. It's an issue with the events for that sector that I'll debug tomorrow.

As always, latest version accessible from the link in the first post.

Re: [MOD][WIP] Sonata

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:54 pm
by BottleGnomes
I'll check it out later today and post some feedback
Since it's released, should it be in the working mods section?

Re: [MOD][WIP] Sonata

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:29 pm
by thashepherd
Thanks! I suppose it could be; would depend on a moderator to make that judgement and move it.

Re: [MOD][WIP] Sonata

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:11 pm
by UltraMantis
Topic moved to Working Mods. The WIP tag can still remain to indicate that not all the work has been done.

Re: [MOD][WIP] Sonata

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:13 pm
by boa13
Well, it also depends on the opinion of the author and users. Once a mod is "complete enough", "stable enough" and the first post contains a link to an FTL file (or zip-file-to-be-renamed in the present case), I'm fine with it.

Let's move to the spotlight. :mrgreen:

Edit: Beaten by UltraMantis. :lol:

Re: [MOD][WIP] Sonata

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:30 am
by thashepherd
I've discovered that weapon description text longer than ~500 characters WILL crash the game when you attempt to view it. (This is about 4 lines in a half-screen-width Notepad++ session for me)

Many of my weapons DO have descriptions longer than that, although none of the easily available ones do. I'll throw a commit up before too long that should alleviate the issue (also, will add a hit effect stolen w/ permission from old Obsidian Cruiser files by kieve).

EDIT: Committed.

Re: [MOD][WIP] Sonata

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:28 am
by Kieve
thashepherd wrote:(also, will add a hit effect used w/ permission from obsolete Obsidian Cruiser files).

Image Fixed that for you.
...Since I already came down on Shark for "stealing" OC stuff, I just want to go on record for clarity and say it's an older animation I later replaced, thus "obsolete" and I don't mind it being used.

And I must admit, I rather like the start screen, it's very clean.

Re: [MOD][WIP] Sonata

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:35 am
by Grognak
This looks and sounds great, though it was a bit of a pain to make it .ftl (simply renaming it doesn't work because all of your stuff is nested inside a folder in the archive.) And once I did patch it in, when I clicked on new game my game seemed to crash (perhaps it is something on my end?).

Re: [MOD][WIP] Sonata

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:38 am
by thashepherd
Fixed. New floor plan for the United Empire destroyer in latest commit:

This destroyer, the UES Long Island, is armed with 2 Gauss guns. It is a purely military vessel and thus designed to vent air quickly in the event of fire.