[OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.2 [The Multiverse Update]

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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1.8 [The Ancient Update]

Postby MrHoody » Tue May 12, 2020 1:26 pm

Hey there, I have got the mod working but I just wanted to check if the ship selection screen is working properly, since there are many empty slots (unlike in the post on the first page).


EDIT: I think the problem is to do with the patch version, let me check on hyperspace and get back to this.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1.8 [The Ancient Update]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Fri May 15, 2020 3:02 am

Yes, the locked ships is intentional. We have not yet finished making all of the ships for the first page, so we simply have the placeholder "locked" ship. As long as you can see the second page, you have hyperspace installed properly

Once again I can't post the update message now because of this response, so I'll just bundle it in.
1.9 is out!

Code: Select all


Added talking to crew. You can talk with them (has a rare chance to give something, otherwise random flavor text), assign them to

a job (currently, either repairing the hull, mapping the sector, or a salvage mission. Certain races are better at different jobs,

and you are more efficient at a job if you assign more crew to it), or special blue options for certain crew types, like upgrading

systems for cheaper or crafting certain resources.

Added 2 more rock events, and 1 more lanius event

Added Separatst B

Reworked Crystal Vengeance. Now a 30% chance, but can only pierce one shield layer. Still stacks for the player.

Refusing enemy surrenders now has randomized text

Removed Light Combat from enemy drone lists

Flagship now has different text when you have certain augments

You can now threaten Zoltans with the Zoltan deleter

Guillotine beam does system damage instead of hull damage to make it more useful for boarding

Auto-ships can now surrender

Added Pre-Emptive Ion, which also starts on Smuggler C now

Reduced Flak 3 cooldown

Dusk C now starts with a lvl 2 clonebay

When ships escape there is a chance some scrap will be left over

You can negotiate better surrender deals with Engi and Zoltans with the appropriate crew

Increased starting weapon power on the Smuggler Cruiser

Trappers drop minelaunchers of any kind when killed

Reworked the Scythe Beam

The first sector now only has 1 nothing and 1 store beacon

Increased the Ancient wreck's health

Modified Ancient Royal's power list a bit to be more specific

Increased Conservation Ion's price to 35

Removed the Auto trapper from generic events

Nerfed the ghost flagship


Added the human soldiers back to elite ships

Fixed the double reward pirate event

Fixed light laser radius not working

Fixed pirate Zoltan Bomber offset

Fixed Mantis scout pirates door glitch

Fixed doors to Seperatist C door control

Fixed missing connection to airlock in Duskbringer B

Fixed bug where separatist virus event doesn't remove the correct crew

Fixed Chain bomb description

Fixed broken conservative bio-beam sprite

Fixed Heavy Ion charge animation

Rebel Flagship is fully blue again

Fixed Ghost Flagship cloak


Actually updated the in-game version number for once
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1.10 [The Harmony and Coreworlds Update]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Mon May 18, 2020 1:42 am

1.10 has arrived.


(read the news at the top of the forum post for more information about future updates)

Code: Select all


Added new events to the Engi Harmony

Added new events to the Civilian Coreworlds

Added back the type A alien cruisers from vanilla (with some modifications)

Changed the Harmony guard to request verification that you mean well

Added the ability to talk to the symbiote crew

Decreased the mind control requirement to 2 to get the symbiote crew

Added the Civilian Refueling station

Lost Sun A now starts with conciderably more missiles

Decreased the power cost of Energy 1 and 2

Added charge ion 2 and charge crystal

The boss box now uses the same pattern as the regular enemy box

Modified the Zoltan Checkpoint event to be less punishing

Updated Lost Sun miniship icons to use the commando image

Reworked Anti-Bio laser to be medium charge, high bio damage

Removed the tuco line from the generic pirate encounter since his ship is encounterable elsewhere

Removed minelaunchers from Coalition and Militia weapon lists

In Bio laser's old niche is the Assailant Laser

Crystal weapons can now be encountered reguarly

Enemy hull repair drones use 1 more power

Removed the glow from the civilian miniship


Fixed bug where Engi guard give in to your demands but still turn hostile

Fixed assigning Zoltans to jobs not working

Fixed Energy 2 overriding Energy 1
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1.10 [The Harmony and Coreworlds Update]

Postby Ivan » Mon May 18, 2020 6:06 pm

Woah, this mod is amaizing :D Thank you, guys!

The game has become exciting, unpredictable and very immersive.

First playthrough i was spooked and destroyed by ghost-flagship, another playthrough i was shredded by teleporting/mindcontrolling slugs. Don't know what to expect next :>
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1.10 [The Harmony and Coreworlds Update]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Mon May 18, 2020 11:54 pm

Glad you're enjoy Multiverse! The reason for making a mod is to entertain of course, so hearing people are indeed enjoying it is what keeps us going.
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Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Thu May 21, 2020 4:32 am

Touched up the forum post to remove some clutter and make it easier to read.

Even more importantly, version 2 has been released!
We hope you enjoy!

Code: Select all


Added new randomly occuring backgrounds and planets

Added new backgrounds to the starts of sectors

New backgrounds for the sector map screen

Reguarlly spawning crystal sectors can now be found

Added a new hangar animation

Added 5 new events to the Last Stand

Federation base has a new background image

Increased light laser mk 1 and 2 cooldown

Modified Enemy box slightly

Increased max cloaking level to 5 (max enemy cloaking is still 3)

Added Energy Missiles, which can only be obtained in the last stand in a certain event if you have a symbiote

Added Engi Cruiser type C

Removed the Crystal Homeworlds jump beacon (as it could be used to access the Ancient sector)

Added new mantis and lost sun loot

Mantis commando event has been reworded to be a Mantis Suzerain instead

Fixed the Mantis betting event not giving scrap back when escaping after betting on blue

Reworded Mantis events to give them bad grammar

Added more doors to Smuggler type A

Added Cluster Healing Burst, which Pleasure C starts with

Reworked haunted quarters to spawn more ghosts the less ghosts you currently have

Removed 2 bombs from the Ancient Dreadnaught and reduced number of shields to 4

Added new rock pirates

Free Mantis B starts with lvl 2 cloaking

Drone and Weapon usage at empty beacons now checks items in the storage

Added the Anti-Person laser to the mantis, suzerain, free mantis, and coalition weapon lists

Added anti-oxygen combat augment

Crystal ships now have the Crystalline prefix instead of crystal

Lanius Cruiser A starts with a medbay instead of a clonebay

Added a check to see if the player has installed hyperspace properly. If they haven't, the menu screen will warn them.


Fixed Flagship gibs

Flagship stage 2 and 3 is now in the middle of the enemy box as it should be

Fixed Smuggler Guard cloak

Fixed Rebel Elites using the wrong cloaks

Removed the repair station quest given by civilians in the last stand as you cant get quests there

Fixed more enemy offset issues

Ion combat now uses the right explosion


For people using the console, do not warp to the any sector while at a sector start beacon, or other event with special background (Zoltan Eye, Harmony Link, Fed Base), it will crash the game. The reason for this is unknown, but should have no effect on standard gameplay.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.1 [Coalition Update]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun May 24, 2020 2:54 pm

Version 2.1 is out!

Code: Select all


Added the Coalition Sector (Hostile) and Coalition Stronghold (Nebula)

Added Coalition Cruiser type C (do note that currently slug saboteurs are unable to view enemy crew like normal slugs. This will be

fixed when hyperspace releases its next update)

Added the Fleet Pursuit indicator

You now repair 10 hull points after the Ghost Flagship fight

Ghost Flagship no longer has dd1 and only a lvl 1 teleporter, and no cloaking

Coalition elites now have slug saboteurs

Added the Anti-Virus augment, which can be used to counter some event based cyber attacks

Added more items to the Engi Harmony verification guard check event

Laying a minefield with the minelayer drone now uses 4 drone parts

Buffed Free Mantis B by giving it an engi and lvl 3 engines, plus a charge missile

Added the Coalition jailer

Enemy light laser has a 20% lower chance of breaching and player light laser has a 10% lower chance of breaching

Changed the scared rockmen event blue option for the ghost (now its even more of a meme)

Added a new event to Rock sectors

Militia C starts with lvl 2 doors

Added a few new generic events

Coalition A starts with a suzerain instead of a slug saboteur

Coalition B starts with a fire drone instead of a combat beam drone

Changed some vanilla crystal text further

Increased Reconstructive Teleport rarity and price slightly (because of tele lvl 4)

Energy stunner only uses 1 power now

Lost Sun solar flare fight now says to the death at the end to not be confusing

Decreased Chain Beam cost by 10 scrap

Added the stun crystal, which can only be found on Coalition C

Decreased Missile Defense cost

Gave Pleasure C reconstructive teleport


Fixed missing combat check and storage check in crystal sector events

Fixed some old crystal event text that didnt match the new context

Fixed Engi Harmony guard considering recycler bomb pacifist but not healing burst (they were mixed up in the files)

Fixed saving the refueling station from rebels not giving rewards

Fixed Rebel stronghold transport not spawning

Fixed Cinquedea fire and mount point

Fixed broken Free Mantis surrender text

Fixed Easy Mode stage 2 and 3 flagship offset

Fixed text bug where rebel in crystal sector doesn't have text

Fixed crew killing crystal guard or the rare crystal crew kill weapon event only giving supplies and no weapon

Fixed bug where storage check options wouldn't appear in the asteroid field event in Lost Sun Stronghold

Removed the resisting on the ghost flagship (it was never supposed to do that)

Fixed Ghost Flagship having max 5 engines when it should have max 2 engines

Fixed Hydra missile projectiles going sideways (I wish I could have just said it was a feature)

Fixed Guillotine tip still mentioning hull damage

Requisition licence no longer appears in stores

Slowed down Scythe beam a little bit so it won't "miss" rooms
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.1 [Coalition Update]

Postby maymoToTheBone » Sun May 24, 2020 10:32 pm

I'm loving this mod! The lore/flavor is great, and the amount of content the team is constantly putting out is impressive.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.1 [Coalition Update]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Mon May 25, 2020 1:08 am

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the mod!
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.2 [Rebel Update]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Tue May 26, 2020 12:21 am

Version 2.2 is out!

Code: Select all


Modified the events in the Rebel Stronghold

Changed the Last Stand Start Beacon and Federation Base events

Added MFK Ace Rebel ships, which are even stronger than elites. These have a 1/5 chance of spawning instead of a regular fleet ship

but give more fuel. They will never spawn at an exit beacon or when out of fuel.

Flagship missile artillery is now a radius based weapon, giving it a higher chance to miss

Modified the Construction Flagship event to have more options and give more chances to avoid the fight. Also gave it a new


The Last Stand always spawns with one of three "judges", who will give you equipment, including some unique ones, for having

various items/upgrades.

Added more events to the Last Stand

Rebel elites now have mixed human and soldier crew (1:1 ratio)

Enemies now have fancy shields

Lanius are worse at empty beacon repairs

Taxing with Civ C at Rebel Stronghold doesn't give supplies

Decreased the amount of hull that Repair-bot dispersal repairs by 2

Decreased Flagship Missile Artillery fire chance

Slug Saboteurs appear to cloak when fighting in ranged combat

Rebel Cruiser B starts with a soldier

Added lockdown bomb, scanner, and cluster heal bomb to the "pacifist" weapon list

Ancient missiles only use 1 missile per shot now

Gave Orchid C a Recycler Module

Removed Stun laser from a few enemy lists

Added a background to Coalition Sector start beacons

Added a description of Teleporter lvl 4 to the Teleporter description

Using magnet arm on destroyed fleet ships gives low rewards instead of medium


Fixed the very broken abandoned sector start beacon

Fixed saving civilians not hiding the results

Fixed Duskbringer Fighter offset

Fixed the Repair-Bot Dispersal triggering the augment check

Fixed frost mk 1 being broken on enemy ships

Fixed swarm missile not being recognized by some blue events


Changed the crew job events to all use the same text from text_events, so they can easily be adjusted in the future.

For people using the console, 4 new testing events have been added.
MAP - reveals the map for the current sector
FLEET_SLOW - slows fleet for 999 jumps
FLEET_FAST - speeds up fleet for 999 jumps
FORCE_HOSTILE - forces the ship at the current beacon to be hostile (will not load combat augment check)

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