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[SHIP] [AE] The Levaithan

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:01 pm
by Chrono Vortex

This ain't happening anytime soon, to I figured I might as well put my hull art to use. I suppose this is something decent to put Taxi Service's room art for the nod cloak in also, so hooray for that.

This thing is kind of a cross between the stealth cruiser's cloaking tactics and the slug cruiser's crew killing tactics. Using the cloak to stall getting hit until you can use the missile to take down the enemy's shields is the way to go if you're not fighting an auto-scout.

Download v1.5 here.
Replaces the Kestrel A.

Download Tiberian Sun cloaking sounds here.

WARNING: This ship does not have a unique artillery system. If you want to use this ship with Captain's Edition, you'll want to install the Artillery Remover so you don't find the artillery system is stores.

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