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[Tarazed Series][Ship] Athens

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:30 am
by MikieRpg
i know right XD 2 ships in one day
This one announces my new ship pack, The Tarazed Series
It will have 3 cruiser ship models and the 1 dropship that will be attacable to 2 of the 3 cruisers
You have Seen the Agile, Damage dealing Blue-Jay!
You May Have heard the Rumors of a Weaponless Cruiser, which may just be a myth
You will eventually witness a malleable dropship
but for now, be sated with:
This ship is Tarazed Co's New Harraser, Intended to burn and asphyxiate(Oxygen Starve) enemies to death
with a human pilot and 2 rock crew men
comes with
40 missles
2 breach bombs
2 fire bombs
a fire beam artillery laser(Get the enemy shield down for it to work)
hacking, carefull you are low on drone parts
2 fire drones, with a drone recovery arm
mind control
level 3 engines
everything else is pretty standard
thx to steamtex for this hull design, donated via shipyard
again feel free to criticize, praise,etc.
any tips/suggestions are more than welcome :lol: