[SHIP] [CE-only] The Cloudjumper

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[SHIP] [CE-only] The Cloudjumper

Postby NarnKar » Fri Jul 25, 2014 3:51 am

A ship outfitted for science instead of combat. While it has access to all systems, its combat capabilities are limited.
Ship Class: Science Vessel
Mission Codename: Phoenix
Mission Priority: Aleph-one-Alpha
Mission Summary: Deliver top-secret data to the Federation base and cripple the Rebel fleet.
Mission Description:
Bluntly speaking, this ship was not our first choice for Codename Phoenix. All of our other cruiser lines are far more well-equipped, flown by personnel with military experience and outfitted for military purposes, designed specifically to break the front lines and be the most terrifying thing in the sector. Any of them would've been a far better choice for this mission.

And yet, here we are, discussing this ship. All those other cruisers are gone, out on other missions, or shot to pieces by those damn rebels.

God, how far we've fallen.

The Cloudjumper's just a science vessel that happened to be passing by in our time of need. As it happened, their voyage through space would take them close to the Federation Base--perfect for us. Ordinarily, we wouldn't reassign a science vessel to a military task, but...desperate times call for desperate measures. Besides, this vessel's got a few more tricks up its sleeve than your run-of-the-mill ship...


As the description would suggest: this is a ship that starts with every system and subsystem, but has limited combat ability. Two weapon slots, filled with rusty old lasers, and no offensive drones to speak of.
Of course, with all those systems at your side, that might not be such a problem...then again, it starts with barely enough reactor power for each system--less, if you want to use any of your drones.

Starting Equipment:

Code: Select all

Weapons: level 2
-Old Laser
-Old Laser
Oxygen: level 1
Shields: level 2 (1 shield layer)
Engines: level 1
Cloaking: level 1
Hacking: level 1
Mind Control: level 1
Medbay: level 1
Sensors: level 1
Piloting: level 1
Backup Battery: level 1
Teleporter: level 1
Drone Control: level 3
-System Repair Drone
-Anti-Personnel Drone
-Defense Drone MK1
30 hull, 11 reactor power
30 drone parts, 15 missiles
-AI Avatar Generator
-On-board Science Lab

Starting Crew:
1 human, 1 engi, 1 ghost

Download here

Known issues:
--no gibs. This is because I have no artistic talent.
Instead, the ship now does a slow cha-cha slide down and to the right, like it just sort of forgot to stay still and has to go to the bathroom, drifting steadily for the exit.
--no engine image. I uploaded one but it doesn't work for some reason??? Oh well.
--the ugliest cloak image in the world. This is because a monkey stole my previous cloak image. I tried to find the monkey, but he cloaked, so I couldn't track him down.
--didn't playtest, was too busy trying to track down the space monkey
--also this is my first mod so critique is welcome

Art Attribution: The nacelles were made with Skorpio's Spaceship Construction Kit.
The central body is courtesy of MillionthVector's free top-down sprites, which may be found here. (Scroll down to Faction6 to find the original image.)
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Re: [SHIP] [CE-only] The Cloudjumper

Postby Woodledude » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:27 am

Very interesting. These small, fighter-like vessels are always fun, although I can't say I've actually played with many myself. It's a bit menacing for the backstory, but at the same time it also looks like it might have once been a science vessel - Just some hints in the design that make it plausible. I notice you don't have a floor image, and while most people don't care, if you're looking to add to the ship, it makes for a nice final touch. Sort of ties the rooms together quite nicely. Doesn't really seem canon, but no one said it had to be. XD

All in all, this is pretty well put together. Short of actually getting a feel for how it plays, I'd say this is pretty nicely done. :)

Also, a note for nice screenshots: You can turn off some of the visual things in Superluminal in the "View" tab. Not important, but it just makes it look a bit nicer for the camera. XD
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Re: [SHIP] [CE-only] The Cloudjumper

Postby MaxMillionare » Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:33 am

looks unique and looks good :D
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Sleeper Service
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Re: [SHIP] [CE-only] The Cloudjumper

Postby Sleeper Service » Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:50 am

The ship looks pretty interesting (for science!) but I also quite like the "known issues" section. :D

While layout and equipment fit the theme I still think that the actually hull looks a tad too aggressive for a science vessel. Well, yet again it is obviously no fed design - and what do I know about how the people that build this like their science vessels.
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Re: [SHIP] [CE-only] The Cloudjumper

Postby NarnKar » Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:02 pm

Sleeper Service wrote:I still think that the actually hull looks a tad too aggressive for a science vessel :P

That's what I get for using free sprites from the internet. HERP A DERP DERP DERP

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