[SHIPS] Babylon 5 Ships Series

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[SHIPS] Babylon 5 Ships Series

Postby dwightlooi » Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:29 am

1st Installment -- Omega Class Destroyer for FTL Universe

* This is originally created for a Full Mod to the Babylon 5 Universe. But I am making a version of this ship for players who wants to try it in the FTL universe. It's a high quality mod right down to custom shield imagery and yes, the ship will breakup impressively.

EAS Agamemnon -- Omega Class Destroyer


This ship starts with:-
  • No Shields
  • 40 Hull Points
  • 7 Reactor Points
  • 1 Engine Point
  • Dual Laser
  • Halberd Beam
  • Titanium Hull Casing
  • Automatic Re-loader
  • 4 Human crew members

The EAS Agamemnon is all about firepower. With 2 shots from the laser and a Halberd Beam capable of doing 6~10 damage on an unshielded enemy. It's first salvo is generally fatal to many enemies in the early game. The Auto Reloader, along with the fast recharging Dual Laser helps you get off the first shot sooner than your enemies. The weaponry remains highly effective when supplemented by further additions later in the game. The combination of pulse and beam weaponry also resembles the actual Omega Class ships in the Babylon 5 TV series.

On the flip side, the Omega is completely unshielded and with an engine rating of just one point you won't be dodging anything or jumping away any time soon. Unlike the Stealth Cruiser in FTL it has no cloak, so you can't hide either. Be very wary of enemies with an offensive drone as you will not have the weaponry to take out both the drone control and the regular weapons before they do significant damage. An enemy with Zoltan shields will also guarantee that you'll take notable punishment. Oh, and if you ever end up in an asteroid field or near a sun, you'll get pounded and fried, so you may want to consider Long Range Sensors if you can afford it! The ship does have a 40 points of health instead of 30, but these get chewed through real quickly. So be prepared to start looking for stores to effect the necessary repairs.

The early game will be a race to either get more fast firing weapons to completely suppress enemy weaponry, or save up 150 points for a basic shield. If you haven't gotten these worked out by Sector 3 you will not survive. Make no mistake about it... this is not an easy ship to play, so if you are looking to be invincible and breeze through the game... look elsewhere. However, the Omega Class has great potential once fully developed. Hint: I didn't put the Titanium Hull Casing there because it gives you a 15% chance of not taking damage. I put it there because it's worth 50 bucks in case you are in dire need of cash.


*NOTE: I made a change to the .ftl file on 3/23/14 -- the EAS Agamemnon can now have drones even though you don't start with them.
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Re: [SHIPS] Babylon 5 Ships Series

Postby BlindTrooper » Sun Jun 01, 2014 7:18 pm

Super excited to try this out. The graphic looks beautiful and it makes me even more excited to see more B5 ships. My favorite tv series now in my favorite game!

Is there a way to turn attack drones into StarFuries? Because that would be glorious <3
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Re: [SHIPS] Babylon 5 Ships Series

Postby Whiskeynights » Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:44 pm

AE compatible?
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Re: [SHIPS] Babylon 5 Ships Series

Postby CaptnDale » Wed Jun 05, 2019 12:06 am

Cant download the link is bad please update the link

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