Federation cruiser fragment

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Federation cruiser fragment

Postby agigabyte » Sat Aug 17, 2013 5:35 pm

I will give stats later, I am rushed right now.

This is a gib of the port engine and aft section of the osprey, it replaces Fed B.

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sxgppvqblp4za ... ts%201.ftl

Warning: This is a prototype, it does not even have a death animation.

Screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =170502727

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =170502919

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =170503218

Balanced version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wb4upyylsltuo ... 282%29.ftl

The 'balanced version' is identical to the standard one except for the fact that its crew is now 1 human, 1 mantis, and 1 Crystal.
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Re: Federation cruiser fragment

Postby UltraMantis » Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:03 pm

You're pushing the definition of a Working Mod. I don't wish to nasty nazi moderate you, but you're practically admiting that the mod is not yet ready.

Please post complete mods. I know that it's possible to have WIP mods, or some missing features, and to be honest i really don't want to be anal. But dont knowingly post a mod that still needs work or testing. There's an entire Mod Development forum for beta releases, and moving topics between forums is trivially easy and every moderator will do it when asked. We do check all posts.

It's up to us as modders to release complete, polished and well designed and presented mods. Rushing things is an exciting way to distibute buggy mods and something everyone should avoid.

I won't criticise your design as it's none of my business. Well, maybe a little...
I like having to juggle power to use weapons effectively, and while Burst Laser I, Pike Beam and Hermes are choice weapons, they are suitably balanced by the lack of power and crappy systems elsewhere on the ship. I don't know what direction you're going with this, but having 8 crew and a hangar-sized medbay removes much of the danger posed by intruders and fires. Also, starting with 3 Mantis, i expected a 3 slot teleporter. :lol: No such luck though.
I wish i could see more of the ship, most of it is obscured by rooms themselves.

There is one bug, Drone Control is disabled on the ship but still available in stores. Check this post for a solution.
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Re: Federation cruiser fragment

Postby agigabyte » Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:21 pm

Ok, please move to mod Development then, thanks for the tips.
Awesome Warlord
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Re: Federation cruiser fragment

Postby Awesome Warlord » Sat Apr 25, 2015 12:39 pm

When i got a boarding drone from an event while using your ship , the game crashed!!!
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Re: Federation cruiser fragment

Postby stylesrj » Sat Apr 25, 2015 1:12 pm

The mod is two years old, hasn't got everything included and probably hasn't been updated for AE. Of course your game would crash for the silliest things.

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