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[SHIPS/WEAPONS] Star Trek Universe - Final update!.

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:45 pm
by speedoflight
This is my first mod, its going to be a star trek dedicated mod, i plan to include 2 ships from federation, klingon, romulan, etc until i fill all the slots of the default ships of the game. The base images are most of em picked from sites like ex astris excentia or other great pages of star trek that offer their galleries for public use. I already collected A LOT of em years ago. Other ship images (Krenim ships, the borg sphere or the Neghvar) are models that i made time ago on sketchup and im using em here :)

Done (by side) (Note that u will never see 100%, since the 10% that left is the gibs work..) ->
Done (Overall) ->

- Starfleet ships (2/2)
- Klingon Ships (2/2)
- Species 8472 Ships (2/2)
- Romulan Ships (2/2)
- Borg Ships (2/2)
- Cardassian Ships (2/2)
- Jem Haddar Ships (2/2)
- Krenim Ships (2/2)
- Hirogen Ships (2/2)

To do (Overall) ->
- Improve cloak graphics (ideas are welcome)
- Balance issues always updating (feedback is really welcome and appreciated in this matter)
- Maybe other things, depends on wat feedback i receive.

- Possibly things i could do if i had the time (or someone can join to) -> make new text events within the star trek universe / - Custom UI. THIS IS SOMETHING I'LL DO ONCE THE "HARD" WORK IS DONE, and i mean when the mod is complete and i have all the ships and all the important things done.
Some shots ->


(Note that some screens are probably out of date, since i continously changed loadout and other things)

* The Defiant is a ship designed for assault purposes, there is no space for exploration equipment, colonial investigation or watever. Its main purposes is to provide high reactor power to feed the implemented weapons and the engines on the ship. Like the tv show, the Defiant is provided with a cloaking system, installed by the romulans when they needed to defeat the Dominion. The Hull is reduced to 26 points to compensate a bit.

As an assault frigate, the Defiant comes with the Pre-igniter augmentation and the FTL Booster one + great engine power at the start. U can do fast attacks and then jump faster if u see u cant kill the enemy.

* The Enterprise, is most orientated to exploration, so its sensors are increased a bit and i added the longed scanners augmentation. Besides, its not entirely designed for combat and because the main purpose of the ship is investigation and exploration there are families living in the ship, so this means the the crew must be a little higher (raised to 5). The Enterprise cant use cloak, so dont bother buying it, its just an advise. The Enterprise starts with 2 small phasers 1 photon torpedo launcher and 1 quantum torpedo launcher. It also comes with 1 drone, the Captain's yatch NCC-Cousteau (Picard's personal shuttle) but u will need extra power to use it at the beginning.

* The original Bird of Prey, is an old Klingon scout ship, previous version of the classic bird of prey. It is a really small ship compared with any cruiser/medium frigate, and the room layout is really unpractical (they are klingons, wth u want? lol) and very fragile. Using the bird of prey u need to stay alert to fire, since spreading could be lethal. The Bird of prey has even lower hull integrity (24 points). Being klingons carries that all the ships comes with the cloak fire augmentation, and crew stinks (renamed to "klingon fast retaliation" +28% crew speed). Of course, as a small ship, it has more engine power (just a bit) than bigger ships, and more output weapon power as well. But be aware since at the beginning it will be hard to power all systems without the need to swith off 1 or 2 at the same time if u want to fire the 2 weapons that the bird of prey carries.

* The Negh'var is the biggest ship of the Klingon Empire, and the most advanced one, as all the klingon ships, its main purpose its combat, Besides the the regular klingon torpedoe, it has the tactical polaron torpedo, with great ion capabilities but low damage.

* Species 8472 Bioships are hard to play layouts. They cant use cloak, and they lack of shields and teleport at the beginning. As bio organic ships, they have some augments to balance the lack of shields and other systems. If u can get through the sector and upgrade the ship, u can be unstoppable. They have weapons not focused only in brute damage, but in personnel damage and system damage.

*Romulan has its strength on shields and cloak. Just a little advantaje over other ships in those systems. They have powerful weapons, but some of em with extensive cooldown. The small Patrol Scout its more a challenge, since it is a scout ship, it only counts 2 weapon mounts, so u will need really a good strategy to advance.

*Borg ships cant use shields or cloak. Structural integrity of borg ships is amazing, so they can negate a lot of hull damage. Their ftl technology is one of the best in the galaxy, so they can travel to any beacon visited instantly. They are half-cyborg, so they can repair systems at more speed than other species. Borg Weapons are destructive but they cost long waits of cooldown, almost most of em, u will need time to recharge the Big Plasma, the Gravimetric torpedos or the cuttin beam. The borg collective its maybe the harder to kill specie u will find (specially if u play with the cube), even with no shields, and its probably that in the beginning it will be easier than playing with other factions, but eventually u will get hard times once u reach sector 2 and further.

*Cardassian ships are more common type ships. They only have the advantage of strong door systems and they can disturb the ftl enemy system, about the weapons, they are very reliable, and the obsidian launcher can do a lot of damage on the enemy ship, but can be also very useless against a ship mounted with defense drones.

*Jem Haddar ships are focused on drone control. They start with lacked shields, and low reactor power. Both ships starts with 1 energy crew memeber, that will be necessary at the beginning to be able to have 2 pulse cannons at a time or other weapon. They have really good attack and defense drones, that complements the overall ship configuration. They dont have on-board drones, even if they have the drone boost augmentation. But it will be useful if u decided to replace some loadout drones for on-board ones.

* Krenim Ships has more missile intensive use, using chroniton warheads that inflicts chroniton radiation on the crew as well the capability of avoid any shield. They also have a phased extra shield (energy shield augmentation..) but the overall hull integrity of Krenim ships is weak.

* Hirogen ships are focused on fast firepower combined with a useful fire ignition plasma. They lack of door systems at the beginning , but they have 3 rock members to aid sofocating the fires. Their main weapons are the predator and hunter lasers, very dangerous weapons if used in the right way, they cant avoid shields, but if u manage to shut down the enemy's shields, u can destroy the ship en a couple of seconds using these reliable lasers. The fast rechargue speed combined with the hirogen autoloader, and the experience gained for the crew manning the weapons can make Hirogen weapons really dangerous, the hunter laser can shut down 1 shield and shot again before the shield is restored. The Battleship is loaded with the Hirogen incinerator, that instead of damage, causes fire ignition.

New weapons (all the weapons got custom original graphics and sounds. Note that not all weapons will be available in the start layouts, for example u will need to find in a shop some weapons of the Starfleet ships) ->

Starfleet -> Small Phaser (Available at start), Phaser Array, Heavy Phaser Array, Pulse Phaser (Available at start), Advanced Pulse Phaser, Photon Torpedos (available at start), Quantum Torpedos (Available on the Enterprise), Transphasic Torpedos (Available on shops)

Klingon -> Klingon Disruptor (Available at start), Klingon Torpedo (Available at start) , Klingon Polaron Torpedo (Available at start)

Species 8472 -> Bio Perforator (Available at start), Kinetic Wave (Available at start), Storm Beam (Available at start).

Romulan -> Romulan Disruptor (Available at start), Romulan Disruptor Beam(Available on the Warbird), Romulan Torpedo(Available at start), Romulan Plasma Blast (Available on shops)

Borg -> Borg Beam (Available at start), Borg Cuttin Beam (Available at start), Borg chronometric burst (Available at start), Borg Gravimetric Torpedos (Available at start), Borg Big Plasma (Available on the Borg Cube)

Cardassian -> Cardassian disruptor (Available at start), Cardassian phaser (available at start) , Cardassian obsidian launcher (available at start)

Jem Haddar -> Jem Haddar Spatial Charges (Available at start), Jem Haddar Pulse Cannon (Available at start), Jem Haddar Ionized Bomb (Available at start), Jem Haddar Polaron Beam (Available at start). Note the basics of jem haddar weapons is very high recharge rate at high power consumption (to the exception of the pulse cannon, that "only" requires 2 power).

Krenim -> Krenim Time Incursion Cannon (Available at start in the Warship), Krenim Chroniton Torpedo (Available at start), Krenim Chroniton Artillery (Available on the Warship), Krenim Multiphasic Ion Launcher (Available on the scout)

Hirogen - > Hirogen Hunter Laser (Available at start), Hirogen Predator laser (Available at start), Hirogen Dummy Laser (Available at start), Hirogen Fire Plasma (Available at start)

New Drones -> (Some of em available at start, other ones only available at shops with a very rare chance to find em). Note that i planned to add more drones to buy in future updates, but for now and for the little lack of interest in this mod by the community i delayed some work for my self, but i dont discard to upload it someday.

Borg - > Borg interceptor (Available on shops)

Hirogen -> Hirogen Incinerator (Available on the Hirogen Battleship)

Jem Haddar - > Jem Haddar Attack Ship (Available on the Battleship and the Cruiser), Jem Haddar Attack Bomber (Available on the Battleship), Jem Haddar Ultimate Defense drone (Available on the Battleship and the cruiser)

Starfleet -> NCC Costeau (Available on The Enteprise)

Species 8472 -> Species 8472 repair pod (Available on the Bioship)

Romulan -> Romulan Defense Satellite (Available on the Patrol Scout)

NOTE: Augmentations are really expensive, this is intended, just to give the ships more unique properties. Cloak is not available on shopsl, so only the ships determined to use it can. Teleport is always available, except for the oldie Klingon Bird Of Prey, if u dont see in the layout u will need to buy it, same as drone systems.

Version history ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Version 1.1 (25/04/2013)
*Changed the Mahut sprite for the Hideki sprite (Cardassian) since i didnt like the look of the old one.
*Changed the loadout of some ships.
*Changed the way augmentations can be adquired, now they are all available on shops (most of em), but with expensive prices.
*Changed some graphic details and refined some sounds.
*Changed some weapon values to make em more balanced.
*Changed a little bit the way the drone slots graphic looks, so the final slot will mess the ui only a bit if u have too much stuff.
*Added Krenim and Hirogen Ships.
*Added Krenim weapons, Hirogen Weapons + 1 fighter.
*Changed some shield graphics.
*Redesigned Starfleet weapons, now they are smaller and more practical.
*Changed the system availability and power output of some ships more balanced and a little bit more difficult to use (almost in the beginning).
*Gibs - Almost 99.99% completed).
*Other things im sure i cant remember...

Version 1.0 (03/04/2013)
* Changed/added - crew starting members, starfleet/klingon interior images, some balance fixes.,
* Added quantum torpedoes on the starting layout of the Enterprise and filled maximum slots on the borg cube, neghvar and the romulan warbird.
* Added Jem Haddar Ships (Battleship and the heavy cruiser)
* Added jem haddar weapons and drones.

Version 0.9 Beta (29/03/2013)

*Added Cardassian ships. Cardassian Galor class and Mahut class.
*Added cardassian weapons.
*Some minor changes on the Borg cube (replaced interceptor, now available on shops for a boarding drone), raised the teleport starting power to 2.
*Some other minor changes on other blueprints.
*Removed the rock_armor augmentation (now the Borg plating) from the rock enemy ships, since it looks like (never tested it) they were really hard to kill.

Version 0.8 Beta (24/03/2013)

*Added Borg ships. Borg cube and the Borg Sphere.
*Added borg weapons.
*Some less important changes, like loading screen, main screen.
*Added explosion graphics and sounds.
*Re-colored human crew sprites to look starfleet crew (or something similar.. lol.)
*Some minor balance fixes.

Version 0.7 Beta (17/03/2013)

*Added Romulan ships. The Patrol Scout and the D'dedirex Warbird.
*Added all romulan weapons.
*Graphic fixes / Balance fixes.
* Other minor changes.

Version 0.6 Beta (14/03/2013)

*Added the bioship and the bioship attack variant.
*Added 3 species 8472 weapons.
*Some graphic fixes and weapon / blueprint balances.
* Minor changes

Version 0.5 Beta (11/03/2013)

*Added the Klingon Negh'var
*Added 1 klingon weapon
*Some balance fixes and refined some graphics and weapon capabilities.
* Minor changes

Version 0.4 Beta (09/03/2013)

* Added the Klingon Bird of Prey
* Added 2 new klingon weapons
* Some weapon and blueprint balance fixes
* Added 1 shuttle (drone) to the Enterprise at the start of the game (requires drone bay upgrade)
* Replaced the cloak sound
* Other minor changes

Version 0.3 Beta (06/03/2013)

* Added the Uss Enterprise
* Redesigned all the weapon graphics
* Some minor balance fixes
* Slighty recolored interior images.

Version 0.2 Beta (01/03/2013)

*Added custom weapon graphics
*Changed the layout of the rooms
*Minor balance tweaks

Version 0.1 Beta (28/02/2013)
*First release

Download link - > ... iverse.ftl

>Requires Slipstream mod manager<

I forgot, these ships replace the original in-game ones, of course u need to have unlocked all of em ;)


Re: [SHIP/S] Star Trek Universe (Wip)

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:31 pm
by speedoflight
Ops, i forgot to comment, in the blueprints file there are some modified default declarations, one for the engi second cruiser that was messed up dunno y, it was showing 2 weapon slots and 4 drone slots, and it should be 3 + 3 (or something like that, since the weapon art layout was messed up, dunno if because its done on purpose, or because something that went wrong with other mod..), and 2 modifications of the shields and weapon systems, i only added 2 levels pf power, thats all. If u guys dont want all of this, just erase these lines from the blueprint file.

Re: [SHIP/S] Star Trek Universe (Wip)

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:38 am
by JeffTheBoardingDrone
I did a quick run with the ship that comes with it, and it feels like a nice and complete ship. I love the way the Medbay looks, instead of being just a bed it looks like it can actually fit multiple people. The sounds are nice and clear, and aren't too loud.

It will be nice to have more Star Trek ships too, as they are scarce and don't really live up to the quality you are presenting them in.

Re: [SHIP/S] Star Trek Universe (Wip)

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 3:40 am
by speedoflight
Thanks for the feedback, yea my intention is to include more ships of star trek, until i fill all the slots up there.

Anyways, i will upload an update soon, i changed the room layout (now its much better in my opinion, and my intention is that all the main systems are around the medbay) and i did some custom weapon graphics (well, not custom just a re-color and some minor details) and art graphics (the icon of the weapons). I also did some retouchs (only 1 thing or 2) on the weapon balance.

I only will had left the gibs for the ship, that its the most hard and time comsuming thing of modding a ship.

Also wat about the cloak graphic? its ok or should i improve it?

Re: [SHIP/S] Star Trek Universe (Wip)

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:34 am
by UltraMantis
Oh i totally forgot to mention i loved the medbay too. :)

Re: [SHIP/S] Star Trek Universe (Wip)

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:45 pm
by speedoflight
Hi guys, updated the link in the first post, I also replaced the screenshot of the layout in the first post, thats the new layout. Enjoy!.

Re: [SHIP/S] Star Trek Universe (Wip)

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:42 am
by Vhati
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Re: [SHIP/S] Star Trek Universe (Wip)

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 1:47 pm
by speedoflight
Vhati wrote:Invalid XML

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U right, i dunno y that happened, anyways, just uploaded the file again.

Re: [SHIP/S] Star Trek Universe (Wip)

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:31 pm
by Vhati
speedoflight wrote:
Vhati wrote:Invalid XML

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U right, i dunno y that happened, anyways, just uploaded the file again.
That fixed two of the tooltips. There are two more on lines 154 and 191.
The titles are on 409 and 431.
And the comments that need their dashes removed or separated (The only hyphen-pairs should be at the beginning and end) are at 56, 114, 146 and 404.

Re: [SHIP/S] Star Trek Universe (Wip)

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:12 pm
by Metzelmax
I AM SO EXCITED! I am waiting for a star trek mod since release.

Will there be the Borg? I would really like if the rebels would be replaced by the borg and you would have to fight a borg cube at the end.