[MOD] Old Dogs,New Tricks v2.1

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[MOD] Old Dogs,New Tricks v2.1

Postby Viropher » Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:05 pm

DISCLAIMER: This mod is a very modified version of Rukos Weapons of Mass Distraction v.7 found here:http://www.ftlgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=8004

I found most FTL mods that altered ships or weapons to be incredibly overpowered and not very fun.
However,Weapons of Mass Distraction had a few weapon ideas that I thought were brilliant,but still a little overpowered(ie.Lance Beam).I set out to make my own mod,with fantastic new weapons.Some of Rukos weapons I just left alone because I liked them so much,namely the Zoltan Lasers.
Recommended for use with GMM,and the Mod FTL Additional Events and Texts,and Beginning Scrap Advantage if your feeling it a bit too difficult.

Feedback or even modifications of this mod are welcome.

Old Dogs,New Tricks v.1

-----<DOWNLOAD : http://www.filedropper.com/odntv21_1
---<No Artillery Modification: http://www.filedropper.com/odntv21nonut_1

The mod contains all the weapons that are in Mass Distraction 0.7,with the exception of the lance beam.
Lets start off with a major change:

----<The Nutcracker Artillery Beam>----
The Fed artillery beam now does only ion damage! While doing no hull
damage,the stronger an enemy shields are,the longer they will be down,and the beam can disable whole ships
for about ten seconds.This ensures that no matter how strong an enemy's shields may be,you will always have an attack of opportunity.Artillery upgrades,however,now are more expensive. (Inspired by Rukos Lance Beam)
(UPDATE: I had no idea that Laws Overpowered Weapons Mod already had this.Dang,I thought this was a neat idea of mine hah! Credit where its due.)

----<NEW LASERS>----

Resonant Lasers: Double Lasers with ~20% chance of fire.

Neutron Burst: 3 lasers deal no hull damage,but personnel damage instead

Plasma Cannon: Fires a single slow blast that does 1 ion/3hull damage.

Vulcan Cannon: Fires 5 lasers that do system and personnel damage,but not hull.Cannot pierce shields.Decent recharge as well.

Heavy Hadron Laser: Dual shot Heavy laser,with lesser chance of fire,but greater chance of breach.(10%/50%)

Gamma Ray Burst: Single heavy shot,ignores 1 shield,does 4 damage to crew.

----<NEW MISSILES>----

MicroMissiles:1 damage,1 shield piercing,but requires no missiles to fire

Swarm Missiles: 1 damage,1 shield piercing,but fires 4 missiles,costs 2.

Care Package: Medkit heals everyone in a room on the enemy ship.Slight fire hazard.

----<NEW BEAMS>----

Lepton Beam:Very short beam,deals ion damage.Can take out about 2-3 shields if used properly.(Replaced Lance Beam)

Boson Beam:Very short beam,deals 2 damage/room,bypass 1 shield

Kopesh Beam:Slightly shorter than Pike beam, very slow traversal,1 damage per room,cheaper.

Naginata Beam: Halberd with 50% beam length,and increased costs.

Nanobot Beam: Short slow beam that heals crew members boarding the enemy ship.

----<NEW BOMBS>----

Cluster Bomb: Quadruple explosion,but each bomb is half of what a small bomb would do.Costs 2 missiles.Loss of power to the weapon stops subsequent explosions from occurring. (Also another weapon I thought I made that Law beat me to.Credit where its due.)

Systems Repair: Device walls off a room repairing the system inside,however its dangerous to crew.Requires 2 mis.

Thermite Bomb: Does 1 Hull damage,and has a ~40% of fire.Not too expensive,not too rare,not too powerful.Fun though.

System Hacking: This weapon is kept from Ruko's Weapons of Mass Distraction Mod,but now goes up to Hacking III.
I: 1 Sys Damage II: 1 Sys,1 Ion III:2 Ion,3 Sys,20% chance of fire.

----<NEW DRONES>-----

Resonant Drone: Fire Beam Drone.Has a short beam length,but ~60% chance for fires.

Candescence Drone: Fire Beam Drone.Now has 45% longer beam,and 70% chance of fires.Rare,expensive,powerful.

Warden Drone: This slow moving drone lays down lockdown blasts,preventing enemy movement. Rare, expensive, powerful.


Racial Augments:Now in stores,but very rare and expensive.

Rock Armor: 25% chance negate hull damge.Cost:150

Zoltan Shield:Cost 175

Engi Medbay: Cost 150

Slug Gel: Like MD.7,does 75% breach repair rate.Cost 100

Mantis Phermones: Cost 125,Stackable

Drone Reactor: 33% Speed Boost rather than 50%,stackable.Cost 125
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Re: [MOD] Old Dogs,New Tricks v1

Postby thashepherd » Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:31 pm

I'm liking your ideas, man! Especially the Systems Repair mechanic where you need to remove the personnel - that's fun. And we need more weapons named after obscure subatomic particles!
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Re: [MOD] Old Dogs,New Tricks v1

Postby spikeof2010 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:57 am

Will this work with Weapons of Mass Distraction and if so, is there a way you can make one that doesn't modify ships?
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Re: [MOD] Old Dogs,New Tricks v1

Postby Viropher » Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:24 am

Im actually working on that right now.Should be up soon.
Im finding I dont even like my own ships hah! So I'll probably just remove my designs and add more weapons of varying degree.

And Its based off of Mass Distraction,so it contains all the weapons and items that MD does,with a few tweaks
and new weapons.Only real removal is MD's Lance Beam,but that was adapted into the new artillery beam,and the Lepton Beam.
While you can still apply MD if you want,its rather redundant.This is not to say Rukos work is to be ignored,for this would not exist without it.
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Re: [MOD] Old Dogs,New Tricks v1

Postby shaken » Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:59 pm

I like your weapon / drone ideas, but the ship redesigns seem very haphazard. Particularly the Torus, Basilisk, and Shivan redesigns. The Torus is one of the mos powerful ships as is, with the ion blast 2 being capable of taking away any amount of shields on an enemy ship entirely, while the anti ship drone damages the hull / other systems. The Basilisk redesign is somewhat strange because you have taken a heavily boarding-focused ship and given it a load of fire weapons, which make boarding somewhat difficult, unless you have a crew of rock people, which brings me to the Shivan. This ship was designed with fire attacks in mind. Full rock crew, no doors to vent oxygen into space, so you can actually set fire to your own ship to deal with boarders, or you can set fire to the enemy ship and send Rick boarders. It feels like you put some thought into the weapons and drones, but quickly threw together ships to put your new weapons on.

Again, I like the drone / weapon ideas, they have potential, but for now I think I'll wait for the no-ship-redesign version of the mod.
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Re: [MOD] Old Dogs,New Tricks v1

Postby Viropher » Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:30 pm

Yeah, I primarily made the ships to test the weapons themselves,and got a little carried away,which ended with a bunch of half baked ships,and a bunch of weapons.

I think I just stick to the weapons from now on.
Unmodded ships link has been added.
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Re: [MOD] Old Dogs,New Tricks v1

Postby shaken » Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:43 pm

Thanks for the new version. I will likely try it later tonight.

Now, I didn't mean to discourage you from making custom ships. I hadn't even tried the ships you made, it just seemed like the ships were missing proper "themes" like the vanilla ships had. Also, the three that I pointed out are some of the most strongly-themed ships of vanilla:

Torus: Clearly designed to encourage gameplay in which you disable enemy shields / systems and let your Anti-Ship drone do the killing.

Basilisk: Clearly designed to encourage a 4-man Mantis boarding crew.

Shivan: Clearly designed to encourage a full Rockman crew, with potential for fire-based gameplay.

I think that if I were to go about designing custom ships I would approach it in a similar manner: imagine a playstyle that you would like the ship to have, and outfit it with weapons that would encourage that playstyle from the start. After all, it is up to the user how they outfit the ships after they leave the Hangar. The initial weapons / equipment are only meant to encourage a particular style, and to a somewhat-lesser extent, the number of available weapons / drones does the same thing.
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Re: [MOD] Old Dogs,New Tricks v1

Postby Viropher » Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:51 am

No offense taken,I tried playing my own ships for a while and found that while they could be decent, however they were often either defeated off the bat,or with a tiny bit of luck,became godslaying machines.That,and I found the stories section,and read a few of people playing The Vortex,a ship I long shunned,doing something I never thought possible; Running the whole ship except bridge in total vacuum.Genius! That would work great with my weapons expansion but I modded all the ships to lacklusters.So thats when I removed the ship mods.I thought it rather amusing that the first post was "Weapons Good,Ships Not".I'll get to the ship modding part when I exhaust weapons possibilities.I think Im rather close on that part,hah.
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Re: [MOD] Old Dogs,New Tricks v1

Postby Milkshake » Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:27 pm

I don't know about other people but the download like isn't working.

Might be just me though o.o

EDIT: nevermind, just took me a very long time to get the lik to load for some reason:P
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Re: [MOD] Old Dogs,New Tricks v1

Postby Lizardlips98 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:09 pm

Is there a way to download this WITHOUT the artillery beam thing? I don't necessarily like the modded beam. :|

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