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by aviphysics
Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:44 pm
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Topic: Anyone unlocked all the ships *Contains Spoilers*
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Re: Anyone unlocked all the ships *Contains Spoilers*

Jongo wrote:Someone should probably create a thread with all the info in the opening post to save having to go through all this ;)

You look like someone to me.
by aviphysics
Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:02 pm
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Topic: New Build
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Re: New Build

thanks for save and quit.

Also looking forward to new content.
by aviphysics
Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:29 am
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Topic: [Suggestion] Save/Continue
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Re: [Suggestion] Save/Continue

Hi and welcome. Must agree that the game is quite addictive. The save game feature has been brought up before with very vocal opinions for and against but as far as I know no comment from the creators of the game. That thread can be found at:
by aviphysics
Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:52 pm
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Topic: Spiritual successor to SunDog: Frozen Legacy?
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Re: Spiritual successor to SunDog: Frozen Legacy?

Looking at youtube videos, it seems like Sundog has more in common with the X series of space sims.
by aviphysics
Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:45 pm
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Topic: Weapons choices and trade offs or <3 Burst Laser II
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Re: Weapons choices and trade offs or <3 Burst Laser II

The Burst Laser mk2 is great. But dont discount beams, they are awesome if you have a means of getting shields down and keep them down. Also a Halberd beam that does 2 damage per room will do 1 damage per room if 1 shield bar is up. The Glaive beam will in do 2 damage per room if 1 shield bar is up...
by aviphysics
Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:17 pm
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Topic: [Suggestion] Item/augmentation discard
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Re: [Suggestion] Item/augmentation discard

I to would like to be able to trade them out.
by aviphysics
Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:07 pm
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Topic: Beta Trainer *Updated*
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Re: Question: Does the Beta Community Want Cheats?

xeranes wrote:Well, I use a third party program to design the .exe and interface, all I work with is locating opcodes and writing a bit of assembly.

What program is that?
by aviphysics
Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:06 pm
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Topic: Boarding Drone Incredibly Dissapointing.
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Re: Boarding Drone Incredibly Dissapointing.

kshh wrote:
Gorlom wrote:As far as I remember whenever the drone moved it stole control of my boarder party again.

That sounds like a bug. You might want to create a new topic for this and report it to make sure the devs catch this.

The devs are aware. I posted this on getsatisfaction several days ago.
by aviphysics
Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:24 am
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Topic: share your nesasio strategies! (spoilers)
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Re: share your nesasio strategies! (spoilers)

I have found the stealth ship pretty great. Lucky item drops really help but I will focus strategy on things you can control. -It has pretty good starting weapons and the stealth often allows you to take out an enemies offense before they even get a chance. Good engines and the advanced hull plating...
by aviphysics
Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:36 am
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Topic: Use Of Underused Drones?
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Re: Use Of Underused Drones?

I think of them as a fall back for when I am trying to conserve drones because you don't lose them after each fight. I do generally sell them to get anything else I want. They do have a couple uses though... The repair drone can get you out of those occasional sticky situations where your med bay is...