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by Kestral B
Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:19 pm
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Topic: Worst I've Died
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Re: Worst I've Died

Even if he upgrades the med-bay how is he supposed to repair the O2?

I got in this situation once and wasn't able to figure a way out even with lvl2 med bay...doesn't the repair progress reset when you run back to the med bay after like 1-2 seconds of repairing?
by Kestral B
Wed Oct 31, 2012 3:27 pm
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Topic: Best Ship?
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Re: Best Ship?

My first win was with the Zoltan A.
Find a burst laser or ion weapon and you're golden. If you can bring down a ship's shields even for 1/2 a second you can cut it to ribbons with that 2 damage/room beam (can almost always hit 4 rooms).
by Kestral B
Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:15 pm
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Topic: [SUGGESTION] Bigger and better!!!
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Re: [SUGGESTION] Bigger and better!!!

First, these are clearly FTL2 / major expansion pack suggestions, not things that could possibly be done quickly or are likely to appear in any "patch" of the current game. But of course they would still be awesome. 1.) Because of the way ship upgrades work (on a fairly limited power/upgra...
by Kestral B
Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:53 pm
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Topic: Funniest FTL Moment?
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Re: Funniest FTL Moment?

Two mantis in lvl2 med bay. Enemy is dead, but O2 is damaged and there's no way my mantis can repair it. No more air on the ship. Eventually, I give up trying to think of a way out. They step out of the med-bad and promptly suffocate. I know this has happened to others...there's a few stories in the...
by Kestral B
Tue Oct 30, 2012 4:34 pm
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Topic: Balance thoughts after 59 hours.
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Re: Balance thoughts after 59 hours.

I really like your suggestions about boarding and being boarded. Right now they are fairly predictable situations, and not usually dangerous unless you actively make a mistake. I don't think the answer is to nerf boarding or make it worse, but I wholeheartedly agree that it would be more fun if ther...
by Kestral B
Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:48 pm
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Topic: Idea: Space Station Mode
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Re: Idea: Space Station Mode

[wall of text] That sounds really cool actually, but it loses the really awesome thing about the OP: that almost no code changes (if any) would be needed to implement it. What you're describing would take a massive amount of code work, creating whole new systems for managing multiple ships simultan...
by Kestral B
Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:38 pm
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Topic: Please patch the cloak - let it reset after the enemy death.
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Re: Please patch the cloak - let it reset after the enemy de

I disagree. The teleporter reseting has no overall effect on the game. It's different with the cloak. If it reset at every jump, you would be able to immediately cloak which gives you an advantage when fleeing combat and running into another enemy vessel. The cloak is very powerful since it gives y...
by Kestral B
Thu Oct 25, 2012 8:42 pm
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Topic: What The Actual F*CK were you thinking?
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Re: What The Actual F*CK were you thinking?

Yep, the boss can be hard, especially on normal. There's a lot of threads that go over the tricks needed to defeat it (use teleport to disable select weapons, cloak to avoid drone swarms, use certain weapon combos, etc). I find that, as a rule, the frustration of FTL is reduced immensely by one thin...
by Kestral B
Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:33 pm
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Topic: More useful stores?
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Re: More useful stores?

There are two changes that I would appreciate: 1.) That the freaking *federation HQ* that you arrive at in sector 8 would contain a store and not just give you 10 fuel. Seriously. Based on the game's story/world and the fact that the federation *has* a whole fleet and HQ, I would expect this to be a...
by Kestral B
Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:38 pm
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Topic: ftl painting
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Re: ftl painting

That's awesome. I approve. :D